27 April 2009

A day off

Nothing feels better than holiday even if its just a day. I realize how lazy I'm starting to be but you can never say no to holiday. Oh god, I cannot wait till the next long holidays to come but before the holiday.. everyone in the school gotta sacrifice some of their beauty sleeps. For what? The mid-year exam. Its gonna be my last mid-year exam in highschool. Not like I love it though but I'm just gonna miss it sigh. I feel old all of a sudden wtf.

Promised to do better this exam which I highly doubt I could with the amount of shitz to be read and memorize. Why didn't I just drop Commerce?!?! & why did someone with no business brains took Economics wtf. Why did the Ministry made General Science one of the core subject _l_. Why do we even have to study History?! I somehow don't understand the point of studying History since their all... history *cough*

21 days, 3 weeks away.


I've finally watched Akai Ito last Saturday with the love of my life, Ms Peiwuon shi. After the numerous complains and whining, I've got to watch it a'last. Sorry to those who tried to comfort me. I know you guys tried to make me feel better especially Beljian. Never expect him to layan me for half an hour and did not give up layaning me even after the repeated complains I made. Thank you korkor wtf wtf. Busuk, let's share? :P.

Rating: 8/10.

It was rather disappointing though. I expected something more lovey and romantic. Nearly gave me a shock of my life when Taka slapped and punched Mei wtf. How can a guy slap a girl?! Moreover his just a boyfriend not husband wtf. Even if its husband, you still don't have the right to slap your wife right wtf wtf. After all the dramarama, Mei and Akkun did not get together.

You know what made me wanna watch the movie so desperately?

HY - 366 Nichi.

The theme song.

I fell in love with it the moment I heard it from Astro. Plus, they attached the song together with a little scene from the movie. Godamnit, it totally turned my desperate mode on wtf.

Back to school tomorrow. Yay!.. not.

Loves, V.

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