03 April 2009


Congratulations to 5 Omega o9'!!

Oh yes yes! Once again, we made history wtf. It happened within a second and the feeling is so unexplainable. Let me present you, our masterpiece of the year.

Impressed? I certainly was! *adds on fire ngek ngek*

I don't know how did it even happen. Usually when the guys accidentally kicks the ball to the window, the window wouldn't break (wonderful) but this.. it was just two person. Guy A just pushed Guy B to the window (very lightly i presumed becoz there were no "bom" sound wtf) and a "PRANG" sounded wtf. I wonder if Guy B's back is made of steel wtf wtf I'm serious. A flying ball knocked so damn bloody hard on the window and the window didn't break. But why this..........

No, don't come and "science" me wtf. I don't wanna know already. Ain't curious :/

Guy A didn't look happy at all ~ Okay la who would right after something like that happened. In fact, not only Guy A and B was unhappy. My teacher was even more unhappy than anyone of them. Why? Cause they just put her into troubleS. Note that S! She would have to explain herself to the principal, the deputy principal, the senior assistants and definitely some 'very-concerned-teacherS'. NOTE THAT S AGAIN!! & when I add the S, I do mean many many of them wtf. Wow, imagine if she would have to explain the same ol' thing again and again at different places. Maybe they should make her job easier. All of them should just be in the principal's office and listen to her :/ Save time, save saliva.

She was happy when she came in the class. We were telling her jokes and all *sigh* Guy A dropped her subject by the way. This made her even #^#&%*#$%$@ since students who dropped the subject are usually supposed to go to the library. But she didn't shoo-ed Guy A out of the class though. She was being nice okay!! Apparently, Guy B was disturbing Girl then Guy A wanted to act all hero-ish wtf wtf (very necessary meh?) and he pushed Guy B to the window but they were actually just playing la but who knew it would end up to sucha big mess. By the way, the bold ones are the one I heard from Girl. I don't know if I heard anything wrongly ok wtf. I was writing and listening at the same time. Multitask hehe wtf -_-

RM200+ for a window = A pair of basketball shoes. Guy A is a basketball freak wtf. There goes his money ~

Anyway, thesmartypants forwarded me a mail which I find quite funny.

Well, have you?

So which size are you, ladies? :P

By the way, 5O guys have you learned your lesson?? Lolololololol I think I'm asking the wrong question. You guys will never learn your lesson wtf wtf hahahahaaha :P

Vivian out!

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