21 March 2009

Wo De Yi Shen Dou Shi Cong (EDITED*)

Vivian is so dead because..

She have not completed her moral folio which is due on Monday!

Shit shit shit, how really how. You see la see la! Procrastinate somemore. I don't have time to finish my work at all. I've been delaying since.. I don't even remember when because my brain is full of japanese and korean words now. I even mix up both the languages wtf. Hontoni? Oishi? Otokeh? Jeungmal? Aishh, kill me plez kill me plez. 做人做到怎么懒惰还是第一次看到。

Yes FatLim, my blog is boring like that. Why you have a problem with it? Then don't read ba :P


@ 1.37am.

I am only left with 2 freaking tugasans!! Can you feel ma joy?! Goodness, it took me forever to finish it. Yes I am aware of how slow I am FattyDan. I upgraded your name ok! You should thank me plez. Thankiu FattyDan whose willing to bring me out to McDees just to see me finish up my work. So touched :')

I know you said I shouldn't say this but wtf I think its the fact. You were disturbing me thus I couldn't finish my work. If you weren't there to ah zhi ah chor me, I think I could finish all my tugasans in 3 hours! I can even draw extra lines for my other papers ok. How is it not your fault? You even tried to stuff ruler and pens in between my hands and rubberband wtf. Damn childish can die hahahahaha. You know I still love you right hehe.

And mother, he didn't even wanna hold a door for me!!!!!!! I thought he would wtf and the door was so damn heavy. Stupid McDees, STUPID FATTY ish ish. He didn't even wanna draw lines for me wtf wtf wtf. But in the end, he beh tahan my fastness and gave up swearing and drew 2 papers for me hahahaha. You're still the best la!

Hi, Fatty!

Loves, V.

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