09 March 2009

What's Your Future?

We had this education fair last Friday in the school's great hall for the Form 4s & 5s. Each colleges/U sent a few representative to explain to us about the courses we wish to take next year. The first thing that came up my mind was Mass Communication. I don't know how I got the whole idea about Mass Comm prolly I've been watching too much Gem of Life. Ps, Ada Choi works in a PR company! Damn cool when you get to meet different kinds of people around the world. I wanna meet the world.

My eyes were on Taylors. It seems that Taylors is rather more famous for their Mass Comm and its nearer but obviously much more costly wtf. I tried Sunway but zomfgwtfbbq I don't know man. Sunway seems so complicated and he did not explain everything to me in detailed. I had doubts on Mass Comm previously, thinking whether I really should do this or not OR might as well just stick to Businesss instead but I think I've already made up my mind now ;)

KenVII came over for Marley & Me yesterday! The initial plan was to watch Marley & Me while munching on McDees, but wtf they can't seem to get the correct plug so.. we decided to watch it at Bukit Tinggi's TGV. But before movies.. we had something to entertain us muahaha.


and.. I think I'm getting good in this hehe. I've finally know how to count fans after so many years wtf. I think I'm falling for mahjong. Oh god. The boys plan was to tapao me flat but wtf my beginner's luck was not that bad okay. I didn't lost as much as I thought I would. I lost around 300+ but no worries, its monopoly money hehe. I love mahjong hahahaha. Left for Marley & Me at 1130pm.


I am so hungry now and I should get going with my drama and thai maggie *slurps* Finally a proper update from me!



Loves, V.

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