13 March 2009

V is Very very extraordinary

Friday the fucking 13th cough.

This is the worst day of the entire week gosh. So much for being happy since its the last day of the school before term break holiday starts. I nearly missed the bloody bus, wasted shitlots of credit calling mum&dad and cSeong screaming over the phone; he was scolding me for being stupid and this happens every freaking Friday.

Sweet Cafe will no longer be a place for me to eat my lunch on Friday! Althou I'm on a freaking budget but I would rather pay more for better food and better service NOT delaying my food, simply nodded when she didn't even bother going to the kitchen and at least try to make me feel better and not so worried by asking them to fry my food faster please? They had a raise of price on their set menu but I decided to try out since they have this wtv pineapple fried rice. Chi and I came earlier but we didn't get our food at all instead some other customers who came later than us got their food first. WTF WTF WTF EFFICIENCY PLS. muthafckingmachaohailypissed.

No, never going there anymore. I would prefer someone to tapao for me heh.

Why the long face Nickk :P

Chi, see what I remove from your face! Haha.

Ze parents are finally home after so looongg. I truly miss Mum's cook. You know what I've been eating for the past few days whenever I'm eating at home? Egg + Onion with white rice; this lasted for a few days, well at least 5 days man! I am an egg lover so since I have nothing else to eat, egg would be my only source of food. Whereas in the noon, I would take unhealthy but yummy thai maggie and this also lasted for few days haha. I love Mum, Mum love me ;')

Oh and btw, thankiu sexy Yuric for the usb head thingy wtf. Now that I can finally use my pink keyboard HEHE. I love you. Love you love you love you *blushes*

Its not in the shade of pink I wanted but it'll do good. The color is abit off in the photo. Its supposed to be darker. Thankiu Derrick. 爱死你了!

Check this out. Fuhreaaaaking good!

Now, my holidays officially starts!

Loves, V.

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