17 March 2009

Spotted! @ Tuition

SPOTTED! (I think I'm addicted to this word hehe)

....... a cute guy in tuition hehe.

Okay la not exactly very cute can die dot com but at least someone acceptable other than Derrick of course cough. Blur face with sepet eyes yet very macho and he have this very naughty face hahahahahaha. Omg wtf wtf I sound very sick and bintai wtf. Derrick have been undeniably nice lately. He ditched his usual friends in tuition and freeze to death with me by sitting right in front of the teacher's face wtf and that place is always empty. Hmm, I wonder why. 林德温, 你是最好的嘿嘿!

I am getting bored of the holiday. Not that I don't love it but all I do is to lock myself home, wake up when the sun shines right to your butt, eat and bum in front of the computer for more than 15 hours daily and only watches the telly for 45 minutes. When I'm in school, I feel like being at home and when I'm home, I feel like being in school. Why, you may ask.

We are given shit lots of homework for the one week holiday. But when we're in school, the teachers would prolly only give one or two questions and you call it a homework. I dare not even look through the amount of homeworks I have. In fact, I didn't even put that in mind until I met Derrick today (Damn shouldn't have meet you haha). I have tooo many essay questions, tooooo mannnnnnyyyyy.

This is for you Smellybelly.

GG is back in action yay!

Loves, V.

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