12 March 2009

O is for the Only one I see

It was yesterday when we had this qualifying lake run and sadly, I did not qualify WTF. I expected it to happen actually haha. How can fat Vivian Tan possibly qualify in 7 minutes. Even if I'm allowed to swim the whole bloody lake, I don't think I would even qualify man. Give me a pair of wings, I might qualify in time cough. Hehe, which is one of the reason why I am not in school today!

Worn out would be the best word to explain how I was feeling the whole of yesterday. Too tired to even speak when talking is my favouritestest thing to do. Despite feeling all tired and lazy, I was still very excited for Hong Lok. We picked KenVII up at ss14 and headed to Cheras. I had never been there so was pretty excited about it. I was kind of disappointed to thou, there isn't much to see and nothing much to eat either but the brother and I was pretty stuffed though.

Had fermented fried tofu, in other words 臭豆腐!! In front of the word 臭豆腐,they even added 超超, translated very very smelly tofu WTF. They have to even sell it somewhere elses because its seriously freaaaaking smelly. Smelt like drain water + shit + shit shit. Its so smelly that you can't imagine how smelly it is. Its even smellier than the one I had in Taiwan! On the van, stated "The aroma even from a thousand miles" Goodness. I took a small bite and nearly puked.

Am planning to clean up the room. Maybe I should stop procrastinating already. My mini table is in a mess, the books on the floor looks like a rubbish dump and my cupboards and drawers is full of rubbish wtf. Its also time to get rid of some stuffed toys ;(

Each time I looked at him, my heartbeats ten times faster.




I know I'm very outdated.

Loves, V.

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