03 March 2009

Namaku 懒惰虫

大家好!Omg I know I haven't been updating sigh but what to do.. I am lazy like that but being lazy has its own benefit I guess. I only knew how much my friend cares or rather 8 about my life hehe. They've been constantly reminding me to update my blog but too bad blogger enjoys dying on me what to do.. Their lazy like that :/

So anyway, I got back few of my test papers. I must give a pat on my shoulder HEHE. The results came out far from my expectation esp for Commerce and Economics! My hardworks paid off *tears of joy* Though its not a very very good result but at least I knew I tried my very best (you should see how I did the memorising in class wtf I literally disturbed my whole bloody class!), that's all it matters ;) I have this habit of looking at someone and reading it out loud to them wtf why am I so weird -_-

Last weekend, I was enjoying my long stay at Peiwuon's. By the way, siao poh thank you for keeping me hehe. I've always love sleeping over at hers. I love love love pillow talks which couldn't even last till dawn. I think I'm getting old. I feel reaaaaaallly sleepy when it was only 12 wtf why like that one!! -_-

Ok la, I'm in a rush for.... TUITION. Very tragic can die on the spot dot com. It is a big deal to me.

This was last week during our dropped subject.
Bryan, why do you look so stress looking at an insect book wtf -_-

Horny Cola hehe.

This will be my last time..

eating at your dining hall sighh.

Chii, you're gonna kill me but I'm not putting this down HAHAHAHA.

Loves, V.

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