20 March 2009

Lazy Busy Day

Pooooh, what a day. I don't think I need to mention how close are we to the end of our stupid one week holiday sheesh. Nope, I've yet to touch my homeworks because I've been clearing up some shits in my computer. The shits refers to.. my piled up leftover dramas. Why didn't I finish it? Because halfway through watching it, the story gets a little too draggy and thus, I stopped.

But cannot do things half way one right! I have to finish them. Not like I did finish the dramas I'm gonna list but ahhh, whothefeck cares.

Mysterious Incredible Terminator/Pi Li MIT/霹靂MIT.

This is the draggiest storyline ever. Everytime when I thought they finish a mission immediately it comes another one wtf wei. Damn pek chek. Wanna sit down and enjoy the show also have to stress awhile wtf. Not very worth watching not like Arron is very worth watching also. No doubt, his quite cute in a way but eeyer, really you dont wanna waste your time watching this.

Rating: 4/10.

The Concerto/Xie Zou Qu/協奏曲.

Initially, I downloaded this because of Eddie Peng hehe. Plez man, his ABC slang is to die for wtf. I looked forward to this drama every week ok! 2 episodes per week very torturous can die. But I found something lagi torturing than to wait. Eddie Peng died around episode 7 and his death was damn tragic and disgusting wtf!! Althou they did not show it, I could even imagine ew. How did he die? Watch it yourself. I reckon you to watch till the part where he dies fullstop. Don't continue cause you might start swearing like me to wtf wtf.

Rating: 5/10.

Love or Bread/Wo De Yi Wan Mian Bao/我的億萬麵包.

I am not really a fan of them both especially after seeing Joe Cheng in Honey and Clover zomfgwtfbbq. I prefer to see him in ISWAK!! His cool cool attitude in there and his attitude in this drama is a big big total opposite. You would really drop your jaws. Ariel is still Ariel nothing much to comment about. I have 3 more episodes to go but I'm not really planning to finish it because I don't like how the storyline goes at all. Not romantic neither shweeeeeet.

Rating: 5/10.

I feel very tired just by lying down and watching drama itself. I've been watching for 5 hours non-stop and I haven't even pee nor bathe lolololololololololololololololololol. So, I better get going and continue again tonight. I'm working on a new section at the sidebar hehe. Do checkout k.

Loves, V.

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