10 March 2009

L is for the way you Looked at me

Counting down to 3 days before holidays! *flashes big wide not so white smile* Nothing feels happier than holidays. And.. I can't wait to say this but I am fuhreaking going to Hong Lok tomorrow! You might be wondering where the hell is Hong Lok *coughs* Its actually just a bloody night market but its no ordinary night market (Okay la prolly it is just a stupid pasar malam but because i've never been there before, i'm so excited bout it).

My dirtayyy ducks said hi.

We had another talk in school today just for the Form 5s. When they were doing the presentation on the traditional and non-traditional career, I had doubts on whether I really should still stick to Mass Comm. Yeah, I am that fickle minded. I can never make up my mind until the moment comes and I'll get all nervous and stress over a stupid issue. Why am I like that ;(

Just got home from tuition and Derrick just passed me by belated birthday present! A PINK FREAKING KEYBOARD HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Am loving it so so much.

Nights, I'mma dream bout my keyboard now HEHE.

Loves, V.

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