16 March 2009

Break a Hand

I think I'm losing my right hand.... okay very exeggerating but its really in pain right now. Dated Peiwuon out for yumcha with Gnes and I yesterday. Yumcha might be just an excuse hehe. Dinner was at Klang with the both of them too. Had lamb mhmm, but nothing beats Bel's lamb haha. I'M ACTUALLY PROMOTING YOUR BEAU, SMELLY! And someone did a absolutely great job though the line really suck but haha everything went well right, chingu? ;)

Then it was back at Peiwuons house for Wii. The next time I'm playing Wii would be half a year later wtf. Its so bloody tiring and its more like a.. "I'll help you to get rid of your hand" game wtf. What was that game that I played again? No idea. Gnes and I were competing each other and.. *coughs* I was leading AT FIRST but somehow, don't know how.. the girl's team lost. Maybe we were just giving chances to the boys team heh -_-

Redang was cancelled so is Lagoon class trip. See now you understand why I say the class can never cooperates when it comes to together-gether events, Farah. Initially, I thought mum would actually allow me to tag Peiwuon and her familia to Penang for a 3D2N trip. Well since I've got no plans for the one week hols might as well just follow right! What can you think of Penang?! FOOD OF COZ!

Sadly, somehow, don't know how, the mum started to nag about how close is SPM and how I'm still playing around, not studying bla bla bla bla all that shitz. Not very interested to listen so I walked away with a fake smile :) Am not bothered to even ask for a second time. If its a no, then no. I don't wanna waste my time asking another time thou the chances of green light is higher. Ahh, whateva.

Room cleaning? New look for the blog?

Loves, V.

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