15 March 2009


Hello, its the 300th post! And this is my husband in BlueJ's MV hehe.

紀佳松 & 潘瑋柏 - 同一個遺憾

You need not watch a football match to know what's going on cos.. all you have to do is check ur Facebook and MSN list haha. Liverpool tapaoed ManU nicely, 4-1! Okay la I'm never a football fans because I know nuts about em' and am never interested in matches like that wtf. But MastheBeast was damn excited about the match and he was fuhreaking happy (beat him up :P) that Liverpool trashed ManU nicely ok that he got me excited bout it too :/ Liverpool it is.. since my Torres's from there hehe.


You know, sometimes I wonder if forgiving you was a right decision. I often wonder how and why did everything ended up like that but I guess its just not up to our control. Things have changed, so do people. I have already coped to the new environment, new circle of friends without you. Maybe we would be good just like that.

Loves, V.

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