28 March 2009

Love Will Show You Everything

Mummykins have been away to Shanghai since Wednesday. I really hate how she's always flying around the world without bringing me along wtf. The maid have been the replacement for dinners and zomfgwtfbbq she's stuffing me with eggs eggs and eggs. I've been eating eggs at least one daily! Suet boiled eggs for each of us. I had eggs with onion for dinner. I ate eggs with oat this morning. Lemme guess, I think I'm having another egg for dinner later.

We got to see our overall results on Friday. Nothing much to be impress or depressed bout thou. I've been on the same position since Form 4 for all 4 tests/exams wtf and I am still having the same position wtf wei. & I'm skipped report card today. I'm sure Paps wouldn't have the time to collect it and Mummykins is not around. But its okay thou, I haven't collected it since Form 2 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Have been on a movie/drama marathon hehe. Shut up, SPM is monthsss and monthss away.

Rating: 5/10.

No comment seriously but I wouldn't waste a single penny watching this in cinema.
So what if it won many many Oscars wtf.

Rating: 7/10.

Am very outdated, stop reminding me plez. Ain't that bad though. Anne Hathaway's skin is soooooo flawless *sigh*

Meichan no Shitsuji/Meichan's Butler/メイちゃんの執事 /我的帅管家.

This is good, really. Although the actors and actresses ain't thaaaaat good looking but the storyline is indeed quite weird but nice I should say wtf. Why weird? Because the guys are the girls's butler. They practically do everything for the girls. Or in other words, maid. They do everything what a maid does except.. their better looking maids haha.

Rating: 8/10.

I just got the photos from Zhiyan not long. The ones we took during some stupid photoshoot for our student cards. 5 Omega-ians, if you want em' plez get them from me. I'll send you guys the original ones :)

Clockwise: Yapliang, Derrick, Keanwei & Mr Perumal, my +maths teacher.

Too lazy to name them all wtf. Not many of us were ready though ahah. Not all of them are from Omega lolololol.

Picture purrfect.
What's with the hands Farah :P

Interested in anyone of them? I PROVIDE NUMBERSSS!!! :D

I'll be more than happy to help you girls out hahahaha.

Mr Austin looks weird in his smile here haha. Poor man :P


It was supposed to be a fully girls shot but somehow some guys sneaked in.

p/s: I think eggs makes people fat.
p/p/s: I gained weight wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf stop laughing wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf.
p/p/p/s: I cleaned my room and the pile of books!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Just a friendly reminder, its Earth Hour today so you should know what to do now. Be a civilised citizen hehe.

Loves, V.

27 March 2009

Vote Earth!

Global warming. Look at the North and South Poles.

We, mankinds are the ones who caused problems to what happened to the Earth today. Well, I don't deny that I am part of causes of global warming.

Don't you feel sinful and guilty for what you've did for the past few years?!

You better be but fret' not cause this is what you have to do to reduce your sins! :D

All you need to do is to switch off your lights for an hour this Saturday (which is tmrw), March 28th from 830 - 930pm and tadaaaaa, you saved the world!

As simple as that.

Be part of the world and start doing something. The world is ours.

Loves, V.

26 March 2009

Tagged by Siewwei

Remove 1 question from below and add in a personal question, make it a total of 20 questions. Then tag 5 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. Crazy stuff u did before.
Crazy? I don't remember doing anything crazy nuff to call it crazy.

2. Most regrettable incident.
Hurtful words that came out of my mouth unintentionally gee. So sorry guys! Oh and my suckass results that gives my parents headache. I'mma do good this year ;)

3. If you are given a chance to reverse your life,will you back to the past ?
At times, I do but I guess its better not. I am fine with it.

4. What would u do if u were to die tomorrow ?

5. Is there someone in your heart right now ?
All my beloveds!! Love them to bits.

6. Do you feel loved in this world ?
Blessed should be a better word. I feel really blessed to be brought into this world :)

7. What are you afraid to lose the most ?
....... my beloveds or rather everything? ;/

8. What do you feel like doing right now ?
Blogging coz' I have pictures! The blog is growing webs but oh well, will do it tmrw.

9. If there’s someone that you love, would you confess to him/her ?
OBVIOUSLY!! Why would I wanna keep it to myself wtf wtf.

10. List 5 things that u like in a guy/girl.
Humorous, considerate, shweeeeeeeeeeet and uhm.. how would I know wtf. When the feeling is there, then its there I guess except EGO wtf. Ego guys can go suck balls plez.

11. What are the requirements that you not wish from your other half?
He need to be someone taller than me hahahaha. He cannot control me wtf and he must be talkative because I don't wanna be the only person who do the talkings wtf althou I do enjoy talking at times. He cannot be ego, okay la he can only ego when his supposed to ego.

12. What do you think is your purpose in life?
Do I look like God to you? (Quote from Gnes!)

13. Do you feel like killing someone at the moment?
Dumb nuff.

14. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Bak kut teh. I'm very serious :/ If you know me well nuff, I am never a big fan of bakuteh gee but its not like I hate it. I just don't like it.

15. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick?
Happy. What for wanna spend money with a sour face wtf.

16. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
My straight forwardness and bad temperness.

17. What would you do if you're given a million.
I would go on a fucking long shopping spreeeee and buy myself brandeds hahahaha. Oh oh! I would spend the beloveds. Its a promise ok!

18. Name one love song that you have in mind and why?
Beautiful Love by Tanya Chai. I don't know why but the song is just too beautiful.

19. What is the one thing you love about yourself?
I am blessed with super awesome peoples.

20. Does true love exist? For me, true love doesnt exist.
At my age, I don't think so. Everything ends faster than you could've imagine.

I tag:
# Gnes.
# Jennifer.
# Weelee.

Loves, V.

21 March 2009

Wo De Yi Shen Dou Shi Cong (EDITED*)

Vivian is so dead because..

She have not completed her moral folio which is due on Monday!

Shit shit shit, how really how. You see la see la! Procrastinate somemore. I don't have time to finish my work at all. I've been delaying since.. I don't even remember when because my brain is full of japanese and korean words now. I even mix up both the languages wtf. Hontoni? Oishi? Otokeh? Jeungmal? Aishh, kill me plez kill me plez. 做人做到怎么懒惰还是第一次看到。

Yes FatLim, my blog is boring like that. Why you have a problem with it? Then don't read ba :P


@ 1.37am.

I am only left with 2 freaking tugasans!! Can you feel ma joy?! Goodness, it took me forever to finish it. Yes I am aware of how slow I am FattyDan. I upgraded your name ok! You should thank me plez. Thankiu FattyDan whose willing to bring me out to McDees just to see me finish up my work. So touched :')

I know you said I shouldn't say this but wtf I think its the fact. You were disturbing me thus I couldn't finish my work. If you weren't there to ah zhi ah chor me, I think I could finish all my tugasans in 3 hours! I can even draw extra lines for my other papers ok. How is it not your fault? You even tried to stuff ruler and pens in between my hands and rubberband wtf. Damn childish can die hahahahaha. You know I still love you right hehe.

And mother, he didn't even wanna hold a door for me!!!!!!! I thought he would wtf and the door was so damn heavy. Stupid McDees, STUPID FATTY ish ish. He didn't even wanna draw lines for me wtf wtf wtf. But in the end, he beh tahan my fastness and gave up swearing and drew 2 papers for me hahahaha. You're still the best la!

Hi, Fatty!

Loves, V.

20 March 2009

Lazy Busy Day

Pooooh, what a day. I don't think I need to mention how close are we to the end of our stupid one week holiday sheesh. Nope, I've yet to touch my homeworks because I've been clearing up some shits in my computer. The shits refers to.. my piled up leftover dramas. Why didn't I finish it? Because halfway through watching it, the story gets a little too draggy and thus, I stopped.

But cannot do things half way one right! I have to finish them. Not like I did finish the dramas I'm gonna list but ahhh, whothefeck cares.

Mysterious Incredible Terminator/Pi Li MIT/霹靂MIT.

This is the draggiest storyline ever. Everytime when I thought they finish a mission immediately it comes another one wtf wei. Damn pek chek. Wanna sit down and enjoy the show also have to stress awhile wtf. Not very worth watching not like Arron is very worth watching also. No doubt, his quite cute in a way but eeyer, really you dont wanna waste your time watching this.

Rating: 4/10.

The Concerto/Xie Zou Qu/協奏曲.

Initially, I downloaded this because of Eddie Peng hehe. Plez man, his ABC slang is to die for wtf. I looked forward to this drama every week ok! 2 episodes per week very torturous can die. But I found something lagi torturing than to wait. Eddie Peng died around episode 7 and his death was damn tragic and disgusting wtf!! Althou they did not show it, I could even imagine ew. How did he die? Watch it yourself. I reckon you to watch till the part where he dies fullstop. Don't continue cause you might start swearing like me to wtf wtf.

Rating: 5/10.

Love or Bread/Wo De Yi Wan Mian Bao/我的億萬麵包.

I am not really a fan of them both especially after seeing Joe Cheng in Honey and Clover zomfgwtfbbq. I prefer to see him in ISWAK!! His cool cool attitude in there and his attitude in this drama is a big big total opposite. You would really drop your jaws. Ariel is still Ariel nothing much to comment about. I have 3 more episodes to go but I'm not really planning to finish it because I don't like how the storyline goes at all. Not romantic neither shweeeeeet.

Rating: 5/10.

I feel very tired just by lying down and watching drama itself. I've been watching for 5 hours non-stop and I haven't even pee nor bathe lolololololololololololololololololol. So, I better get going and continue again tonight. I'm working on a new section at the sidebar hehe. Do checkout k.

Loves, V.

19 March 2009


(I did not edit my eyes wtf. Taking photo like that makes my eyes bigger HEHE prolly I should take pix from this angle often wtf wtf :P)

Carl's Junior is my new love hehe <3

Jenn, this is posted up just for youuu. I got it from Chi hehe. CLICK TO ENLARGE!
To the DBSK fans around, plez do not kill me for this photo. Anyway, a DBSK fan send it to me soooo no harm right hahaha. Enjoy!

Sorry for the hurry. I am in a rush for my telly! Goodnight sweeties.

Loves, V.

18 March 2009

Bleeding Purse

How how how how? *super frustrated Vivi*

I am broker than brokeback mountain wtf. Very irrelevant but who cares, I'm trying to express my brokeness but couldn't think of any better word to replace wtv. I need money. I need to have a budget. I think I should stop going out yumcha at night, hopefully I can save more money that way. 4.20rm a bloody cup of drink, imagine if I go OldTown every bloody night; 4.20 x 7 = 29.40rm!!!! FUHREAKING OVER BUDGET MUTHATOOT OVERSPEND I ONLY GET 20RM A WEEK. I should stop spending money in school and shall go out monthly. I wish the economy recover asap T_T I want a raise in my allowance.

So calculative ._. but I'm saving money. Saving money for tooooo many stuffs. Why do I have so many wants and needs. I'm never enuff of food. Temptation is something I can never control. One of the tooooo many stuff is something that girls would need it now/future/fufuture. Something that would burn a big fat hole in our purse.. WHAT? MY DAD DON'T PRINT MONEY.

Make a guess?




Yes, its fuhreaking cosmetics. How could possibly any girls say no to..

?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (My personal favo)







Okay la prolly for vain girls only but which girl is not vain you tell me?! Girls, stop complaining that you're ugly wtf wtf this is bullshits cause there's no ugly girls out there only lazy girls. If you bother to actually dress up abit, I'm sure you would kill lotsa guys out there. So, start doing something! Start killing guys wtf.

How to not burn my purse x_X Give me a santa pleeez. Does Santa visits during ChingMing -_- I want this so so so badly.

I even added this in my wishlist hehe.

I wish the two of my brothers would get a girlfriend tomorrow or asap so the girlfriend would buy me this hehe. Usually brother's girlfriend would sayang the boyfriend's sister more so I shall use this on them. Hopefully they bring me out shopping wtf. Eh brothers if you're reading this, when are you bringing home your girlfriend?!?! Mum&Dad cannot wait already. Go get a girlfriend plezzzz!! I want my brush set -_- NOT FOR PAINTING ONE WTF. You guys get a girlf, I happy, Mum&Dad also happy. FAIR NUFF RIGHT ;D

*Vivi start brainwashing herself* Budget budget budget. Money money money.

Jack have been in a bad mood today but surprisingly, half of his face turned black only.

Vivian out.

17 March 2009

Spotted! @ Tuition

SPOTTED! (I think I'm addicted to this word hehe)

....... a cute guy in tuition hehe.

Okay la not exactly very cute can die dot com but at least someone acceptable other than Derrick of course cough. Blur face with sepet eyes yet very macho and he have this very naughty face hahahahahaha. Omg wtf wtf I sound very sick and bintai wtf. Derrick have been undeniably nice lately. He ditched his usual friends in tuition and freeze to death with me by sitting right in front of the teacher's face wtf and that place is always empty. Hmm, I wonder why. 林德温, 你是最好的嘿嘿!

I am getting bored of the holiday. Not that I don't love it but all I do is to lock myself home, wake up when the sun shines right to your butt, eat and bum in front of the computer for more than 15 hours daily and only watches the telly for 45 minutes. When I'm in school, I feel like being at home and when I'm home, I feel like being in school. Why, you may ask.

We are given shit lots of homework for the one week holiday. But when we're in school, the teachers would prolly only give one or two questions and you call it a homework. I dare not even look through the amount of homeworks I have. In fact, I didn't even put that in mind until I met Derrick today (Damn shouldn't have meet you haha). I have tooo many essay questions, tooooo mannnnnnyyyyy.

This is for you Smellybelly.

GG is back in action yay!

Loves, V.

16 March 2009

Break a Hand

I think I'm losing my right hand.... okay very exeggerating but its really in pain right now. Dated Peiwuon out for yumcha with Gnes and I yesterday. Yumcha might be just an excuse hehe. Dinner was at Klang with the both of them too. Had lamb mhmm, but nothing beats Bel's lamb haha. I'M ACTUALLY PROMOTING YOUR BEAU, SMELLY! And someone did a absolutely great job though the line really suck but haha everything went well right, chingu? ;)

Then it was back at Peiwuons house for Wii. The next time I'm playing Wii would be half a year later wtf. Its so bloody tiring and its more like a.. "I'll help you to get rid of your hand" game wtf. What was that game that I played again? No idea. Gnes and I were competing each other and.. *coughs* I was leading AT FIRST but somehow, don't know how.. the girl's team lost. Maybe we were just giving chances to the boys team heh -_-

Redang was cancelled so is Lagoon class trip. See now you understand why I say the class can never cooperates when it comes to together-gether events, Farah. Initially, I thought mum would actually allow me to tag Peiwuon and her familia to Penang for a 3D2N trip. Well since I've got no plans for the one week hols might as well just follow right! What can you think of Penang?! FOOD OF COZ!

Sadly, somehow, don't know how, the mum started to nag about how close is SPM and how I'm still playing around, not studying bla bla bla bla all that shitz. Not very interested to listen so I walked away with a fake smile :) Am not bothered to even ask for a second time. If its a no, then no. I don't wanna waste my time asking another time thou the chances of green light is higher. Ahh, whateva.

Room cleaning? New look for the blog?

Loves, V.

15 March 2009


Hello, its the 300th post! And this is my husband in BlueJ's MV hehe.

紀佳松 & 潘瑋柏 - 同一個遺憾

You need not watch a football match to know what's going on cos.. all you have to do is check ur Facebook and MSN list haha. Liverpool tapaoed ManU nicely, 4-1! Okay la I'm never a football fans because I know nuts about em' and am never interested in matches like that wtf. But MastheBeast was damn excited about the match and he was fuhreaking happy (beat him up :P) that Liverpool trashed ManU nicely ok that he got me excited bout it too :/ Liverpool it is.. since my Torres's from there hehe.


You know, sometimes I wonder if forgiving you was a right decision. I often wonder how and why did everything ended up like that but I guess its just not up to our control. Things have changed, so do people. I have already coped to the new environment, new circle of friends without you. Maybe we would be good just like that.

Loves, V.

14 March 2009

E is Even more than anyone that you adore can

Indeed a very boring day. Agree? Especially when you have nothing to do and all you do is just laze in front of the computer and Facebook yourself wtf? I have yet to clean my room (yes, i'm still procrastinating sigh) and I'm too bloody lazy to even watch my leftover One Million Star. Look at how lazy I can be. The only thing I found hardworking in myself is.. to youtube my beloved husband hehe.

He can pronounce cantonese so accurately!! I'M SO PROUD OF HIM *shed a tears*

This is so cute can die wtf.

And this.. I don't know who this person is but.. I'm certainly very impressed with this japanese rapping wtf. I can never rap each word so accurately. I tend to jumble words together :/

This is Gillian Chung in Be My Guest. Its gonna be in Astro Wah Lai Toi, Channel 311 at 1030pm today. I really wanna see this so badly. Let's see what she have to say about it.. Poor girl.

Loves, V.

13 March 2009

V is Very very extraordinary

Friday the fucking 13th cough.

This is the worst day of the entire week gosh. So much for being happy since its the last day of the school before term break holiday starts. I nearly missed the bloody bus, wasted shitlots of credit calling mum&dad and cSeong screaming over the phone; he was scolding me for being stupid and this happens every freaking Friday.

Sweet Cafe will no longer be a place for me to eat my lunch on Friday! Althou I'm on a freaking budget but I would rather pay more for better food and better service NOT delaying my food, simply nodded when she didn't even bother going to the kitchen and at least try to make me feel better and not so worried by asking them to fry my food faster please? They had a raise of price on their set menu but I decided to try out since they have this wtv pineapple fried rice. Chi and I came earlier but we didn't get our food at all instead some other customers who came later than us got their food first. WTF WTF WTF EFFICIENCY PLS. muthafckingmachaohailypissed.

No, never going there anymore. I would prefer someone to tapao for me heh.

Why the long face Nickk :P

Chi, see what I remove from your face! Haha.

Ze parents are finally home after so looongg. I truly miss Mum's cook. You know what I've been eating for the past few days whenever I'm eating at home? Egg + Onion with white rice; this lasted for a few days, well at least 5 days man! I am an egg lover so since I have nothing else to eat, egg would be my only source of food. Whereas in the noon, I would take unhealthy but yummy thai maggie and this also lasted for few days haha. I love Mum, Mum love me ;')

Oh and btw, thankiu sexy Yuric for the usb head thingy wtf. Now that I can finally use my pink keyboard HEHE. I love you. Love you love you love you *blushes*

Its not in the shade of pink I wanted but it'll do good. The color is abit off in the photo. Its supposed to be darker. Thankiu Derrick. 爱死你了!

Check this out. Fuhreaaaaking good!

Now, my holidays officially starts!

Loves, V.

12 March 2009

O is for the Only one I see

It was yesterday when we had this qualifying lake run and sadly, I did not qualify WTF. I expected it to happen actually haha. How can fat Vivian Tan possibly qualify in 7 minutes. Even if I'm allowed to swim the whole bloody lake, I don't think I would even qualify man. Give me a pair of wings, I might qualify in time cough. Hehe, which is one of the reason why I am not in school today!

Worn out would be the best word to explain how I was feeling the whole of yesterday. Too tired to even speak when talking is my favouritestest thing to do. Despite feeling all tired and lazy, I was still very excited for Hong Lok. We picked KenVII up at ss14 and headed to Cheras. I had never been there so was pretty excited about it. I was kind of disappointed to thou, there isn't much to see and nothing much to eat either but the brother and I was pretty stuffed though.

Had fermented fried tofu, in other words 臭豆腐!! In front of the word 臭豆腐,they even added 超超, translated very very smelly tofu WTF. They have to even sell it somewhere elses because its seriously freaaaaking smelly. Smelt like drain water + shit + shit shit. Its so smelly that you can't imagine how smelly it is. Its even smellier than the one I had in Taiwan! On the van, stated "The aroma even from a thousand miles" Goodness. I took a small bite and nearly puked.

Am planning to clean up the room. Maybe I should stop procrastinating already. My mini table is in a mess, the books on the floor looks like a rubbish dump and my cupboards and drawers is full of rubbish wtf. Its also time to get rid of some stuffed toys ;(

Each time I looked at him, my heartbeats ten times faster.




I know I'm very outdated.

Loves, V.

10 March 2009

L is for the way you Looked at me

Counting down to 3 days before holidays! *flashes big wide not so white smile* Nothing feels happier than holidays. And.. I can't wait to say this but I am fuhreaking going to Hong Lok tomorrow! You might be wondering where the hell is Hong Lok *coughs* Its actually just a bloody night market but its no ordinary night market (Okay la prolly it is just a stupid pasar malam but because i've never been there before, i'm so excited bout it).

My dirtayyy ducks said hi.

We had another talk in school today just for the Form 5s. When they were doing the presentation on the traditional and non-traditional career, I had doubts on whether I really should still stick to Mass Comm. Yeah, I am that fickle minded. I can never make up my mind until the moment comes and I'll get all nervous and stress over a stupid issue. Why am I like that ;(

Just got home from tuition and Derrick just passed me by belated birthday present! A PINK FREAKING KEYBOARD HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Am loving it so so much.

Nights, I'mma dream bout my keyboard now HEHE.

Loves, V.

09 March 2009

What's Your Future?

We had this education fair last Friday in the school's great hall for the Form 4s & 5s. Each colleges/U sent a few representative to explain to us about the courses we wish to take next year. The first thing that came up my mind was Mass Communication. I don't know how I got the whole idea about Mass Comm prolly I've been watching too much Gem of Life. Ps, Ada Choi works in a PR company! Damn cool when you get to meet different kinds of people around the world. I wanna meet the world.

My eyes were on Taylors. It seems that Taylors is rather more famous for their Mass Comm and its nearer but obviously much more costly wtf. I tried Sunway but zomfgwtfbbq I don't know man. Sunway seems so complicated and he did not explain everything to me in detailed. I had doubts on Mass Comm previously, thinking whether I really should do this or not OR might as well just stick to Businesss instead but I think I've already made up my mind now ;)

KenVII came over for Marley & Me yesterday! The initial plan was to watch Marley & Me while munching on McDees, but wtf they can't seem to get the correct plug so.. we decided to watch it at Bukit Tinggi's TGV. But before movies.. we had something to entertain us muahaha.


and.. I think I'm getting good in this hehe. I've finally know how to count fans after so many years wtf. I think I'm falling for mahjong. Oh god. The boys plan was to tapao me flat but wtf my beginner's luck was not that bad okay. I didn't lost as much as I thought I would. I lost around 300+ but no worries, its monopoly money hehe. I love mahjong hahahaha. Left for Marley & Me at 1130pm.


I am so hungry now and I should get going with my drama and thai maggie *slurps* Finally a proper update from me!



Loves, V.