14 February 2009


Valentines! :)

Not much of a big deal but believe it or not, this is my first year celebrating it. Sheesh, its that bad so now you see how much I've hated Valentines and how 'laku' was I wtf. My initial date, Peiwuon didn't make it today. Had a namja to replace her instead HEHE. So it was Chi, Khai and I.

Had plans to watch Bride Wars but the muthafcking queue was so muthafcking long and all the muthafcking time was full. Why are couples watching movies anyway wtf. They should do something elses right! And why are they even there such early?! They should be there during night for romantic candle light dinner and late night movie right wtf. WHAT'S THE POINT OF BEING THERE EARLY HUH!! I wanted to watch Bride Wars so so so badly but wtf stupid queue sheesh.

Walked around and waited for the Superman to reach. Lunch and hopped over to Redbox. The charges seriously is fcuking expensive can die on the spot dot com. RM100+ for 3 person wtf wtf and before we even finish singing, they came in and made us pay for the bill grr. After paying, our songs got cut wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf. They made us leave okayyy! Seriously, change ur system and charges Redbox -_-

Superman left not long after Redbox. Chi and I was walking around aimlessly waiting for Gnes, Jennilover and Venice. We had dinner at Thai Thai and had a walk around Pyramid after dinner. Gnes fetched me home and here I am now blogging. I am really very tired and happy at the same time.

How was yours? ;)
Merry Valentine everyone ♥

Loves, V.

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Barman said...

Thank you for your fresh ideas. I will if the next post will be interestint than this. But you have to do something to increase traffic.

Vivian said...

Hey Barman, thanks for your comment. Much much appreciated :) Haha, I don't blog because I need an increase in my traffic. I used to care real lot bout it but not anymore. Anyway, thanks for reading. Cheerio!