10 February 2009

Single Ladies

The minute I get down from the bus, I have to start worrying on creating all sorts of excuses to cover myself up just so I don't need to handle Mummykins or Paps's question. Yes, its a QUESTION without an S. Just by one godamn question itself, it makes me fcuking stress. I haven't get over the fact that he do not have hopes on me at all. So that's prolly the reason he wants to send me to tuition so badly. Please don't get me wrong, I am not writing an emo post again. My mood is extremely good today hehe :)

I hate tuitions like wtf man. But when I'm in tuition, I don't hate it anymore. Tuitions really eat up all my times and gives me so much headache grr. Especially when I have a test or exam going on in school and yet I have to give in my time just for tuition to fit in seriously wtf to the max. I know I won't be able to get away from tuition so easily even if I were to tell Mummykins that I want a day break or wtv it is. She would start coming up with all kinds of statements just to tell me that my results is badbadbadbadbad. (I have a sudden urge to sing Rainism wtf)

Ok wtf that was really random. I don't know how did I came up with that topic sheesh. Overall, I hate tuition and I don't wanna go for it end of story.

Everyone is coming up with the QUESTION OF THE WEEK. "So, what are you doing this Valentines?" Being lonely and dateless for 17 fcuking godamn years. I think I'm immune with it already. And I really need to kiss God and tell him how much I love him cause its on a Saturday! YAY! That means I don't need to face those lovey dovey faces in school and the one and only reaction on my face is ENVY. Aiseh, ok la it ain't that bad this year I guess. I'm dating my beloved Peiwuon out HEHEHEHE. Its time to pamper ourselves esp when your source of money is coming from the red packet :) So, STOP ASKING ME WHAT I'M GONNA DO -_-

School was good. I love dropped subs period hoho! Ending this post with my camwhore pix hehe. I don't care if you like it or not :P

Btw, its not cheap to fold paper roses!! LIKE HELLO, I SIMPLY THINK ITS GONNA BE THE BEST VALENTINE PRESENT EVER. It proves how much the person who folds it, care and love you. Soooooo, if you are reading this, no worries ok! Stop thinking bout' how others would think about you ;)

p/s: There he goes again wtf. Am truly tired of this shitz. I am forced to do this and if you didn't like to see my unhappy face, please be reminded that I AM DOING THIS BECAUSE I AM FORCED BY YOU. So stop coming after me for fuck sakes.

Loves, V.

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