05 February 2009

Red Ballz

I have been a bum.

I have been lazier than ever.

I think I'm having crazy eye infections.

I am very worried about my eyes.

I hate dripping eye moe wtv shit there is into my eye.

I hate bleeding love.

I hate it when you never replies.

I hate how 1st monthly test is just 3 weeks away from today wtf.

I hate Valentines Day. I hate it hate it hate it hate it. Please, prince charming. I'm still waiting.

I think I should sleep now but its only 715pm wtf? Which idiot sleeps this early!

I am very proud of myself because I finished all my homeworks in the library hehe.

I haven't been attending Economics classes which makes me slightly happier than ever hoho.

I received my belated birthday present from Bryan Chan; its a pink mousepad that goes with my pink mouse! I love it. Thanks!

I have been very clumsy lately; fuck it, I hate this shit HAHA.

I dropped my phone again.... the 4th time. I actually bother counting ;(

I will miss my Jennilover much much! What time is your flight woman? TEXT ME!

I haven't been gambling this niu year and I want to gamble wtf! Gambling kakis? Mahjong kakis? WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?!?!

I hate how I'm gaining weight and I'm not doing anything about my size. How?

Chi, I'm happy that you're finally happy again! STAY STRONG AND OPEN YOUR MIND AND BE SMART!

I am drinking Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea.

I am still in my uniform which means.. I still smell like school.

I promise to post a proper post tomorrow.

I bid, goodbye.


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