23 February 2009

Lil Budehh

老娘 haven't been doing a proper revision wtf. I only started reading my Commerce yesterday night and it didn't even last for 2 hours. I fell asleep right at the dot of 1030pm. I set a few alarms but wtf I failed to wake up in the end. Did my paper in a zomfgwtfbbqknnggdotcom mood but I felt really secured since I have like Farah on my left, Wenjie on my right and Xingrou at the back of me! No, I'm not on any plans... ;)

Oh I had someone to accompany me to study with me yesterday! Hehe. I'm sure you're wondering who it is :P

Excuse the photo quality, I zoomed with that retarded phone.

I love annoying Suet, telling her bout roaches or how I kill roaches. Noooohhh, I am not scared of roaches but I am fucking ch*baily scared of snakes. Just by imagining it, I would have goosebumps!! I hate hate hate hate hate hate snakes. Cockroaches ain't that bad la ;P

So anyway, the Commerce paper was seriously quite easy if you'd actually bother reading through. Twas' only 1 bloody fucking chapter but sigh, regret gilerrr. One hour papers make me panic wtf. The butterflies cannot stop flying in my tummy. English was okay but I understand nuts bout' the passage!!! The special childs. Goodness, I tembaked through my whole summary. Lemme see, I'mma kiss my 15 marks goodbye.

I have to go. I accidentally told Mummykins that I'm having my 1stMT and she screwed me up nicely.

p/s: I can't go Redang wtf I'm very pissed also but wtf wtf wtf. Sorry Chiiiii ;(
p/p/s: Chillax Farah!! CHOTOMATEHHHHHHH..

Loves, V.

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