19 February 2009

How do people burn midnight oil?

Would you ever consider getting married on ice?

Its undeniably sweet and twas' on Feb 14! ♥_♥ But its quite a bad idea isn't it? Its so troublesome and there's no f&b for the guests.. & its super troublesome to go to places like these with gowns and heels! From what I see la of cos wtf.. Anyway, I suppose the groom must be some rich dude! The whole ice skating rink for the night awww :/

School was so-so today. We had this compulsory seminar for the Form 5's and I have to say that it didn't give me any motivation at all. I don't seem to understand the whole point of the seminar. Wasted 2 whole hours in there and rushed off to get our unpacked bags from the classroom. It was raining cats and dogs wtf. Xingrou and I took forever just to get to the bloody bus ok and by the time we got up the bus, we were soaked grr.

Waste of time but credit goes to Eddie Peng! 5/10.

Guess what?



I have another complain :)
& if you're not interested, you may now leave because I'm gonna go on and on until I feel better.

You know which type of guy is first in my super beh tahan list? EGO! 大男人主义!

How can anyone stand egoistic guys?! How?! YOU TELL ME HOW MAN!! Cause I certainly cannot take it at all not even for a bloody minute. The minute he speaks, I really feel like just throwing something to his face and make him shut up. Its that bad.

And mind you, I have a friend like that. I really don't understand why are you so self-centered and selfish you know. You've a great girlfriend and you're not even appreciating her instead you're just putting her aside. Have you tried putting yourself in her shoe and consider how she would feel?! You made it sound as though you've been sacrificing alot for her. COME ON MAN, WTF WENT INTO YOUR MIND??? She's the person who've been sacrificing for you ok wtf. Tolerating you and your never ending childish behaviour and nonsense.

How can I possibly forget the way you spoke to us girls. It just happened 12 hours ago on me. Mahai really if I have a medicine that would mute people immediately, the first person I mute would be you. What are you good at? Talk cock sing song?? Frankly, I've never believed in things you say in fact none of us did except your girlf. She believes in everything you say not because she's naive but because she loves you so much and I believe you're taking advantage of her kindnesss too.

What makes you so great that you can just scream and shout at us????? I don't think you can even list me one wtf wtf. I've always believed that you're a nice friend because thats what I've always been telling your girlf and others!! But wtf, you really made my jaws dropped but then again, I should've expected it. You treat your girlf like some maid or something karawalehh. Do you even know how to treat a girl properly?

One more thing, stop butting into people's conversation. Thank you.

I desperately hope that you would read this and at least change for your girlfriend. Please man please, learn to appreciate her before you even regret. Why did God even gave you such good fate wtf. A girl who would give in her everything just for a guy like you. EGO! -_-

It doesn't really influence me if you're gonna read this or not since I haven't been nice to you lately. Vivian being Vivian, I regretted for being so rude and pissy yesterday night but everytime I think about it again, I really feel very pissed and pek chek. Aihh, anything will do man. Will go with the flow.



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