08 February 2009

Dao Re (finger licking good) *yums*


Officially a korean bbq ♥er! It tasted so so good even the beef (I am not a fan of beef at all) tasted like heaven. Was kinda surprised when Mummykins told me that we're gonna have korean with Jane yesterday, wasn't really looking forward to it since I had trouble with their chopstick the other time I went there. grr :/ Hehe but fret' not! I'm a master at it already puhlease.

Jennilover, Dao Re always reminds me of youuuu ;(

Alright, I'm so not in the mood right now but I am not emo at all ok wtf. I am so so bored that it disturbs my mood so so badly wtf. I am just grumpy. I feel so fucked up for a reason. I feel sad at the same time for the same reason. I feel pissed also for the bloody same reason wtf. Some things are better left unsaid or prolly who knows, tomorrow I'll ended up talking about it when I cannot take it anymore.

I am annoyed by the sound of mahjong, the crowd and the noises those aunties make grr. The other day this old aunty screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmedddd so loudly and scarily like how Mummykins screamed years ago wtf. I am not trying to curse but wtf isn't she afraid if she suddenly jam kei?!?! She was damn excited and uhm I don't know whats the other word to use but wtf she gave my brother and I a big scare ok.

I am feddup of the constant nag by Paps which is one of his favo hobby. He would never remember anything I said but surprisingly, this is the ONE AND ONLY THING he remembered. He even called to remind me daily. Guess what?


I am not emo ok I'm just grumpy wtf.

Talking to me should be the last thing you should do. I sound like a bloody fucked up bitch now.


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