01 February 2009

Bye CNY o9'

Decided to be a good girl and accompanied the parents out to visit the relatives. I really have a hard time, opening my eyes man. I am never close to my cousins from the paternal so yeah whenever their here, they will sit and stare at the telly and I will be in the room having my time with the computer. I did the same thing when I was there today sigh. The only thing to entertain me was the telly and the adult's convo end of story :/

Hopped over to Uncle Raymond's around noon. He was telling me all about life and jobs which made me felt really guilty cause my future is still unplanned ._. The list of jobs he named was totally a big nono for me. I can never do professionals :/ I know Paps really wish that I can do well and all. I saw the eyes of his whenever his friends talked bout how chun and terror (Omg chun and terror wtf so leong HAHA) their children are -_- *triple the sigh* Mass Comm not chun not terror meh :(

School's staring tomorrow and believe it or not, I haven't touch my bag at all which you know.. I haven't complete my homeworks too lolololol. I don't wanna go to school looking like a zombie tomorrow but grr there's no way to hide my panda eyes. It feels so hurt being reminded by so many people bout the eyes man T_T Really that bad meh? T_T Okay lor not very bad lor wtf. I really should survey the products in the market already ._.

The amount of weight I gained this CNY is horrible! I look at the weighing machine everyday and I'm so afraid to weight myself!! Phobia kao kao. I don't wanna scream :/

Good night and have fun getting back to work, college and school!

Loves, V.

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