02 February 2009


Back to school it is.

Human alarm to the rescue! Thankiuu blurboy *bows a 90 degree* I didn't heard my alarm at all this morning. Grumpy mode switched on immediately I stepped into the school. I know I know, I should really stop being grumpy and stop complaining about everything or rather anything. Jennilover, don't give me that face wtf. I can't help it but to complain when I'm hungry!! I was in a rush to pick Xingrou up this morning when she told me she was standing along the roadside for 15 mins already *gulps* Smartest friend ever. She THOUGHT I usually leave the house at 630 when uhm I only leave the house around 640 to 645? You see, maybe she should listen to Gnes too. Stop thinking that is ;P

Anyway as I was saying, I'm grumpy and the rest of the day I was rather speechless :/ I don't wanna disturb my beloved Peiwuon and make her listen to my complaints again even if she's the only person left in this world that would layan me. I need to stop thinking like what Gnes says. I wanna stop stop stop stop wondering on what's gonna happen next. Maybe things wouldn't turn out as I expected. Maybe there are certain things that I cannot control. Maybe I should stop staring at my phone every single damn minute. Or maybe, just maybe, I should just stop talking to you.

I had 2 periods freee! Happier than ever ;) Disadvantage or advantage of dropping subs? Was in the libary and nearly died of suffocation by books wtf damn exaggerating can die. Completed my homework and ta-daaaa! I'm homework free now. Mummykins have been nagging for the past 2 hours that I should sleep now since tonight we're gonna 拜天公. Prolly I should wish for something too.

Just thought of sharing this.

Boys Before Flowers. A sweet korean drama series.

If you're a fan of Meteor Garden or used to or whatever it is, you will definitely love this drama! The storyline is still the same just that its a korean version with less hot guys lol. But overall, thumbs up!

Right, not like you would know what this says anyway wtf.

I do? 幸福的抉擇.

VERY PRETTY actress and VERY GOOD LOOKING actor. People like Peiwuon who loves dreaming all day long would love dramas like that hoho :P. Anyway, this 20 episode drama is really sweet. I had goosebumps when I watched this wtf and the tears couldn't stop rolling.

Lastly, Busuk said..


Loves, V.

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