17 February 2009

Bonding Time

Though they've always been the monkeys ruining every single damn property in class,
Though they're the one who gave me a bloody jackpot on my head,
Though they're always playing the fucking annoying bola in class and annoys the shit outta every girls,
Though they're the mean ones who cannot stop calling Suet and I "man",
Though they're always the kiamsiap one when it comes to money,
Though they've always thought of ways to make me shut my mouth or at least don't scream for once,
Though they're always disturbing every teachers which also put us girls in trouble,

I still heart them ♥

"Let's take photos!"

Then, they came rushing to get into their positions.

Picture perfect except.. its only part of the class guys.

The picture says it all :)

Bak kut teh! I don't know why they've been saying this alot lately in class wtf.

Farah trying to get Ian away from the camera and Sabreena.

Sabreena, Ian, Farah.

Mayteng, Xingrou, moi.

We're supposed to do a 'confused' face but attempt failed wtf.

I love this photo!

Getting a lovely punch from Xingrou.

Clockwise: Eva, Stephy, Yeeing, Mayteng.

Xingrou, tooo the rescue!

Xingrou and red Suetty.


Sexy Ardlina ;)

Why do I look so stoned sigh wtf -_-

Suetty and her favo jersey.


Yee Ing. The one who never speaks wtf.


Lots of love, V.

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