26 February 2009

1stMT o9' is finally over!

Oh yeah babehh, yeah babehh. Relieved! Happy! Joy! Exultant! Gleeful! Glad! Delighted! Triumphant! (took from dictionary.com hehe)

Joy to the world ~ Omg, I'm like so bloody fucking happy right now as if I've just finish my SPM or something haha. *slap myself awake* Vivian, its just a bloody test.. A bloody normal school test that doesn't even require you spending 24/7 of your time in front of the book and yet you didn't give your best shot this test wtf triple the sigh.

I had my Mathematics paper today and it was my last paper! *sings Lucky by Jason Mraz* We made plans on getting Chiachun to tutor us yesterday night and thank God he was okay with it. I must say he is another Suet! I always thought Suet is the only person who would never give up on me even after explaining millions of time about the same thing. Yesterday night, I found the second!! Anyway, thankiuuuuu!

Paper was slightly easier than I thought, just slightly wtf. As per usual, didn't manage to finish the questions completely. Skipped here and there but I was happy that I manage to do most of the questions okay! Although the help from Chiachun, the night before was quite a waste I thought but hey, I still manage to apply what he taught me to my paper okkkk ;)

Goodnews, the parents are leaving to Thailand for 4 days which means I have a wider range of freedom yay! Badnews? I am gonna eat outside food for 4 days godamnit. I don't think I would be out that often wtf. I don't wanna stay at home alone every night, getting worried and panic on things or rather think too much for 3 nights.

I needed something to entertain myself too :S

Nights sweeties.

Loves, V.

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