26 February 2009

1stMT o9' is finally over!

Oh yeah babehh, yeah babehh. Relieved! Happy! Joy! Exultant! Gleeful! Glad! Delighted! Triumphant! (took from dictionary.com hehe)

Joy to the world ~ Omg, I'm like so bloody fucking happy right now as if I've just finish my SPM or something haha. *slap myself awake* Vivian, its just a bloody test.. A bloody normal school test that doesn't even require you spending 24/7 of your time in front of the book and yet you didn't give your best shot this test wtf triple the sigh.

I had my Mathematics paper today and it was my last paper! *sings Lucky by Jason Mraz* We made plans on getting Chiachun to tutor us yesterday night and thank God he was okay with it. I must say he is another Suet! I always thought Suet is the only person who would never give up on me even after explaining millions of time about the same thing. Yesterday night, I found the second!! Anyway, thankiuuuuu!

Paper was slightly easier than I thought, just slightly wtf. As per usual, didn't manage to finish the questions completely. Skipped here and there but I was happy that I manage to do most of the questions okay! Although the help from Chiachun, the night before was quite a waste I thought but hey, I still manage to apply what he taught me to my paper okkkk ;)

Goodnews, the parents are leaving to Thailand for 4 days which means I have a wider range of freedom yay! Badnews? I am gonna eat outside food for 4 days godamnit. I don't think I would be out that often wtf. I don't wanna stay at home alone every night, getting worried and panic on things or rather think too much for 3 nights.

I needed something to entertain myself too :S

Nights sweeties.

Loves, V.

23 February 2009

Lil Budehh

老娘 haven't been doing a proper revision wtf. I only started reading my Commerce yesterday night and it didn't even last for 2 hours. I fell asleep right at the dot of 1030pm. I set a few alarms but wtf I failed to wake up in the end. Did my paper in a zomfgwtfbbqknnggdotcom mood but I felt really secured since I have like Farah on my left, Wenjie on my right and Xingrou at the back of me! No, I'm not on any plans... ;)

Oh I had someone to accompany me to study with me yesterday! Hehe. I'm sure you're wondering who it is :P

Excuse the photo quality, I zoomed with that retarded phone.

I love annoying Suet, telling her bout roaches or how I kill roaches. Noooohhh, I am not scared of roaches but I am fucking ch*baily scared of snakes. Just by imagining it, I would have goosebumps!! I hate hate hate hate hate hate snakes. Cockroaches ain't that bad la ;P

So anyway, the Commerce paper was seriously quite easy if you'd actually bother reading through. Twas' only 1 bloody fucking chapter but sigh, regret gilerrr. One hour papers make me panic wtf. The butterflies cannot stop flying in my tummy. English was okay but I understand nuts bout' the passage!!! The special childs. Goodness, I tembaked through my whole summary. Lemme see, I'mma kiss my 15 marks goodbye.

I have to go. I accidentally told Mummykins that I'm having my 1stMT and she screwed me up nicely.

p/s: I can't go Redang wtf I'm very pissed also but wtf wtf wtf. Sorry Chiiiii ;(
p/p/s: Chillax Farah!! CHOTOMATEHHHHHHH..

Loves, V.

22 February 2009


  • The first monthly test just started yesterday.

  • I did my paper really badly wtf. 1 down, 7 more to go ;(

  • I am really sick of the plannings for Redang.

  • I woke up at 930 to have a breakf with le' parents but they already went out wtf! I have to eat like maggie early in the morning ew.

  • I just put up a favo song of mine at the side. I understand how annoying it is but I cannot stop myself from listening to it heh.

  • I love Peiwuon.

  • I wanna go Redang. How?

  • I hate ego guys wtf.

  • "Vivian, you need to study today. Study study study!" self hypnotize.

  • Why isn't anyone online when its 1145am already!

  • I can't wait for the March holidays.

  • I am out.


@ 9.09pm.

I know I shouldn't be blogging at this very minute cause I certainly need to get my butt off to study my ass off. But I haven't been posting up a proper post wtf wtf which makes my hand damn itchy. I really need to type. And guess what? I haven't studied a single shit of Commerce since morning WTF WTF WTF. I know! Okay maybe I should really leave now.

Please miss me and please pray for a lazy bum like me. I'll appreciate it, really!

Bye for now..... :(

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jack.

Happy Birthday Jack!

19 February 2009

How do people burn midnight oil?

Would you ever consider getting married on ice?

Its undeniably sweet and twas' on Feb 14! ♥_♥ But its quite a bad idea isn't it? Its so troublesome and there's no f&b for the guests.. & its super troublesome to go to places like these with gowns and heels! From what I see la of cos wtf.. Anyway, I suppose the groom must be some rich dude! The whole ice skating rink for the night awww :/

School was so-so today. We had this compulsory seminar for the Form 5's and I have to say that it didn't give me any motivation at all. I don't seem to understand the whole point of the seminar. Wasted 2 whole hours in there and rushed off to get our unpacked bags from the classroom. It was raining cats and dogs wtf. Xingrou and I took forever just to get to the bloody bus ok and by the time we got up the bus, we were soaked grr.

Waste of time but credit goes to Eddie Peng! 5/10.

Guess what?



I have another complain :)
& if you're not interested, you may now leave because I'm gonna go on and on until I feel better.

You know which type of guy is first in my super beh tahan list? EGO! 大男人主义!

How can anyone stand egoistic guys?! How?! YOU TELL ME HOW MAN!! Cause I certainly cannot take it at all not even for a bloody minute. The minute he speaks, I really feel like just throwing something to his face and make him shut up. Its that bad.

And mind you, I have a friend like that. I really don't understand why are you so self-centered and selfish you know. You've a great girlfriend and you're not even appreciating her instead you're just putting her aside. Have you tried putting yourself in her shoe and consider how she would feel?! You made it sound as though you've been sacrificing alot for her. COME ON MAN, WTF WENT INTO YOUR MIND??? She's the person who've been sacrificing for you ok wtf. Tolerating you and your never ending childish behaviour and nonsense.

How can I possibly forget the way you spoke to us girls. It just happened 12 hours ago on me. Mahai really if I have a medicine that would mute people immediately, the first person I mute would be you. What are you good at? Talk cock sing song?? Frankly, I've never believed in things you say in fact none of us did except your girlf. She believes in everything you say not because she's naive but because she loves you so much and I believe you're taking advantage of her kindnesss too.

What makes you so great that you can just scream and shout at us????? I don't think you can even list me one wtf wtf. I've always believed that you're a nice friend because thats what I've always been telling your girlf and others!! But wtf, you really made my jaws dropped but then again, I should've expected it. You treat your girlf like some maid or something karawalehh. Do you even know how to treat a girl properly?

One more thing, stop butting into people's conversation. Thank you.

I desperately hope that you would read this and at least change for your girlfriend. Please man please, learn to appreciate her before you even regret. Why did God even gave you such good fate wtf. A girl who would give in her everything just for a guy like you. EGO! -_-

It doesn't really influence me if you're gonna read this or not since I haven't been nice to you lately. Vivian being Vivian, I regretted for being so rude and pissy yesterday night but everytime I think about it again, I really feel very pissed and pek chek. Aihh, anything will do man. Will go with the flow.



17 February 2009

Bonding Time

Though they've always been the monkeys ruining every single damn property in class,
Though they're the one who gave me a bloody jackpot on my head,
Though they're always playing the fucking annoying bola in class and annoys the shit outta every girls,
Though they're the mean ones who cannot stop calling Suet and I "man",
Though they're always the kiamsiap one when it comes to money,
Though they've always thought of ways to make me shut my mouth or at least don't scream for once,
Though they're always disturbing every teachers which also put us girls in trouble,

I still heart them ♥

"Let's take photos!"

Then, they came rushing to get into their positions.

Picture perfect except.. its only part of the class guys.

The picture says it all :)

Bak kut teh! I don't know why they've been saying this alot lately in class wtf.

Farah trying to get Ian away from the camera and Sabreena.

Sabreena, Ian, Farah.

Mayteng, Xingrou, moi.

We're supposed to do a 'confused' face but attempt failed wtf.

I love this photo!

Getting a lovely punch from Xingrou.

Clockwise: Eva, Stephy, Yeeing, Mayteng.

Xingrou, tooo the rescue!

Xingrou and red Suetty.


Sexy Ardlina ;)

Why do I look so stoned sigh wtf -_-

Suetty and her favo jersey.


Yee Ing. The one who never speaks wtf.


Lots of love, V.

14 February 2009


Valentines! :)

Not much of a big deal but believe it or not, this is my first year celebrating it. Sheesh, its that bad so now you see how much I've hated Valentines and how 'laku' was I wtf. My initial date, Peiwuon didn't make it today. Had a namja to replace her instead HEHE. So it was Chi, Khai and I.

Had plans to watch Bride Wars but the muthafcking queue was so muthafcking long and all the muthafcking time was full. Why are couples watching movies anyway wtf. They should do something elses right! And why are they even there such early?! They should be there during night for romantic candle light dinner and late night movie right wtf. WHAT'S THE POINT OF BEING THERE EARLY HUH!! I wanted to watch Bride Wars so so so badly but wtf stupid queue sheesh.

Walked around and waited for the Superman to reach. Lunch and hopped over to Redbox. The charges seriously is fcuking expensive can die on the spot dot com. RM100+ for 3 person wtf wtf and before we even finish singing, they came in and made us pay for the bill grr. After paying, our songs got cut wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf. They made us leave okayyy! Seriously, change ur system and charges Redbox -_-

Superman left not long after Redbox. Chi and I was walking around aimlessly waiting for Gnes, Jennilover and Venice. We had dinner at Thai Thai and had a walk around Pyramid after dinner. Gnes fetched me home and here I am now blogging. I am really very tired and happy at the same time.

How was yours? ;)
Merry Valentine everyone ♥

Loves, V.

12 February 2009

Pre Valentines

I got the green light for Pulau Redang! *jumps around like a kid* YAY!! So am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go on smoothly and the plan must go on no matter what wtf. It makes me feel so emo right now, thinking that this would be my last year spending time with my beloved classmates. Wtf better not come to that sheesh.

Let's see tomorrow's gonna be another tough day I suppose. I had a sudden thought of skipping school actually since the tummy haven't been good. I've beeen .......... for the 3rd time of the day. Please fill in the blanks yourself wtf.

Gahhhhhhh, fuck it. Cool people doesn't celebrate valentines -_- *self comfort* I'm out.

Loves, V.

11 February 2009

Stress is my middle name

So not sexy at all :(((

Homework is my new love. I think I should just get homework to be my F14 date, to replace bendan Peiwuon whose planning to ffk me just because she's tired today. Zhadou to the max! How does she even know if she would be tired and sleepy this Saturday?? Its only Wednesday, Miss Tan. 打你的屁股 -_-

Science, Mod Maths, Moral folio and Commerce. Oh my love X_X

Anyway, take a look at this drama. It ain't that bad but hopefully its not gonna end up like shiat in the climax sigh. Jerry Yan is super dooper shexxxyyyyy ;)

Here I come.

Loves, V.

10 February 2009

Single Ladies

The minute I get down from the bus, I have to start worrying on creating all sorts of excuses to cover myself up just so I don't need to handle Mummykins or Paps's question. Yes, its a QUESTION without an S. Just by one godamn question itself, it makes me fcuking stress. I haven't get over the fact that he do not have hopes on me at all. So that's prolly the reason he wants to send me to tuition so badly. Please don't get me wrong, I am not writing an emo post again. My mood is extremely good today hehe :)

I hate tuitions like wtf man. But when I'm in tuition, I don't hate it anymore. Tuitions really eat up all my times and gives me so much headache grr. Especially when I have a test or exam going on in school and yet I have to give in my time just for tuition to fit in seriously wtf to the max. I know I won't be able to get away from tuition so easily even if I were to tell Mummykins that I want a day break or wtv it is. She would start coming up with all kinds of statements just to tell me that my results is badbadbadbadbad. (I have a sudden urge to sing Rainism wtf)

Ok wtf that was really random. I don't know how did I came up with that topic sheesh. Overall, I hate tuition and I don't wanna go for it end of story.

Everyone is coming up with the QUESTION OF THE WEEK. "So, what are you doing this Valentines?" Being lonely and dateless for 17 fcuking godamn years. I think I'm immune with it already. And I really need to kiss God and tell him how much I love him cause its on a Saturday! YAY! That means I don't need to face those lovey dovey faces in school and the one and only reaction on my face is ENVY. Aiseh, ok la it ain't that bad this year I guess. I'm dating my beloved Peiwuon out HEHEHEHE. Its time to pamper ourselves esp when your source of money is coming from the red packet :) So, STOP ASKING ME WHAT I'M GONNA DO -_-

School was good. I love dropped subs period hoho! Ending this post with my camwhore pix hehe. I don't care if you like it or not :P

Btw, its not cheap to fold paper roses!! LIKE HELLO, I SIMPLY THINK ITS GONNA BE THE BEST VALENTINE PRESENT EVER. It proves how much the person who folds it, care and love you. Soooooo, if you are reading this, no worries ok! Stop thinking bout' how others would think about you ;)

p/s: There he goes again wtf. Am truly tired of this shitz. I am forced to do this and if you didn't like to see my unhappy face, please be reminded that I AM DOING THIS BECAUSE I AM FORCED BY YOU. So stop coming after me for fuck sakes.

Loves, V.

09 February 2009

Food is ENEMY

Counting down to the worst day of the year: 5 fcuking days.
Counting down to stupid 1st Monthly Test:
12 godamn fcuking days.

Hi all. :)
Haven't been doing such greeting lately. Hi again wtf.

Jennilover's shot. I miss youuuu grr!

I should be happy that its a holiday today but I don't seem to be happy about it at all! I think I'm starting to hate holidays instead :/ I was so so bored yesterday night till cSeong burst out laughing when he saw me stoned face. I was staring at... the grass -_-. It was thaaaaaaaaat bad okayy. I got grumpy and kind of argued with Mummykins but I'm not feeling bad at all because it was her fault wtf. I am not the person to blame sheesh. Anyway, we're all good now haha. 一家人是永远都吵不散的! (Cropped this from the Concerto/协奏曲)

Before I leave to bermandi-manda,



Loves, V.

08 February 2009

Dao Re (finger licking good) *yums*


Officially a korean bbq ♥er! It tasted so so good even the beef (I am not a fan of beef at all) tasted like heaven. Was kinda surprised when Mummykins told me that we're gonna have korean with Jane yesterday, wasn't really looking forward to it since I had trouble with their chopstick the other time I went there. grr :/ Hehe but fret' not! I'm a master at it already puhlease.

Jennilover, Dao Re always reminds me of youuuu ;(

Alright, I'm so not in the mood right now but I am not emo at all ok wtf. I am so so bored that it disturbs my mood so so badly wtf. I am just grumpy. I feel so fucked up for a reason. I feel sad at the same time for the same reason. I feel pissed also for the bloody same reason wtf. Some things are better left unsaid or prolly who knows, tomorrow I'll ended up talking about it when I cannot take it anymore.

I am annoyed by the sound of mahjong, the crowd and the noises those aunties make grr. The other day this old aunty screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmedddd so loudly and scarily like how Mummykins screamed years ago wtf. I am not trying to curse but wtf isn't she afraid if she suddenly jam kei?!?! She was damn excited and uhm I don't know whats the other word to use but wtf she gave my brother and I a big scare ok.

I am feddup of the constant nag by Paps which is one of his favo hobby. He would never remember anything I said but surprisingly, this is the ONE AND ONLY THING he remembered. He even called to remind me daily. Guess what?


I am not emo ok I'm just grumpy wtf.

Talking to me should be the last thing you should do. I sound like a bloody fucked up bitch now.