23 January 2009

Welcome Back!

The good news!

Oh my this beloved message means more than anything! Welcome back beloved *fly a kiss and blushes kao kao*

Lazy mode OFF.

Hello world ;) I'm blogging for the sake of big boobies HEHE. Okay la you must be thinking "Mmg she wanna blog herself but wtf wanna use other peoples name wtf wei bitch," I suka you suka wtf. Khai if you're reading this, I'm so so sorry :/ Its removed anyway lol.

The amount of people who reads this almost dead blog surprises me. Doesn't sound pretty much like a good sign to me. It makes me feel like I've gotta be extra careful of what I write just for precaution. Even Mr Austin reads blog but obviously not mine la anyway I'm not hoping he would drop by also because I really enjoy talking bad about teachers ;) I know like its your blog and you do have the rights to type what you suka or x suka but like and dislike really make much difference. Ahh, how the ffff you put it in sentence wtf anyway try to understand it but if you don't then just forget about it grr.

Shawn, I should name you Boobies starting today hoho. She is really my saviour whenever I need help and lonely :/ Oh yeah, the book I took from your beloved the other day, I totally forgot to return him the money! Soo, I had my late lunch at Sweet cafe and my bubble tea crave mhmm. After much much many many consideration, had Blurboy to drop me home. Thank you so much! It takes quite some courage to do this wtf and I was practically blushing all the way wtf man so malu can die wtf. No doubt, I'm quite proud of myself. It feels like having a big boobs out of no where.

CNY is drawing closer and the mood is not here at all. I've been constantly playing and singing the sexy cny songs yet the atmosphere still seems so dull. Just for your info, I do love CNY songs HEHE. I've been singing it for the whole of this week and I even play it in class!! Oh God please God, oh period please period, don't come on the first few days of CNY please wtf. I don't wanna get all bleeding love emo bemo nemo because of uuuuuuu :/

Hey, look!

Drew by infamous Bruce Lee on MSN hoho! Its super cute!

I need a new bag for CNY :/ By the way, sorry Kenny I can't make it there! Hope you guys will have fun aight! My mood is soooooo gooooooood today *flashes big big wide smile*

Lazy mode ON.

Loves, V.

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