03 January 2009

"Patience is a Virtue, Vivian.."

Someone please drag me out from my laziness! I feel terribly utterly lazy today and its not like I woke up early for the wedding ceremony. I woke up at freaking 1130 and went out for the so called "wedding dinner" which was in the afternoon just now. They couldn't get tables for the night so yeah.. afternoon it is. What a heavy lunch :/

I cannot wake up at freaking 610am anymore, any anymore. I tried it this morning but my eyes cannot seem to open up and I gave up and went back to bed again wtf. I haven't try my skirt, I don't know if I still can wear it. After a month and a half of eat, sleep, play routine, I HIGHLY doubt I still can fit in it, I pray wtf. I haven't clean up the bag that is left on that very same spot since the last day of school. Its already collecting dusts and webs by the way. I haven't even clean up the pile of books and papers gooodnessssss!

Now you see how lazy I am?

This was sticking behind every door in the ladies. I couldn't stop laughing wtf.

Malaysian English (._.)

-_- I don't know what is Mum up to wtf.

My baby Zhi Wei!

To BBQ or not to?

Loves, V.

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