08 January 2009

Pain des

My whole body is ACHING!!

Like seriously very painful can die. Felt like I just did a whole day of gym wtf. I'm down with fever and sorethroat right after the day Xingrou got her fever. I'm feeling very terribly sick right now. How am I supposed to BBQ in such condition? Blessed with the Love from God.

School haven't been helping either. Its just the first week and we've got shit lots of homework everyday! & the pile of homeworks given never misses + Maths which is getting really really complicated. I'm about to raise the white flag cos I can't take it any longer.. The understanding is getting really complicating and with sucha not so fast brain right.. how am I supposed to catch up? -_-

Shit, I'm feeling like shit now. My whole body is hot and my fingers are numb >:(


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