21 January 2009


*pats on the fatty arm*

Vivian: "Hello cher!"
Teacher: "I heard you lost your phone yaa..."
Vivian: "HUH? O_o Who told you, teacher?!"
Teacher: "I read it from Nanyang Siang Pau. You tak baca ke??! Eh its your phone!"
Vivian: *sweat kao kao* "Cherr......."
Teacher: "Macam mana you hilang ni..?!"

& it goes on...

OHMYFGOD. I don't think I've told any teachers about the grrr stupid incident. I asked my friends and none of them told her soo.. I guess the one and only answer should be she accidentally found my name in some student's blog. So, she accidentally clicked my name and accidentally read my NYE pissy post and accidentally knew about it? *big wet eyes* The major of all major problem is that.. my post was full of vulgarities ._. The word were bold in the largest font and its red in color ohmygod -_-

Anyway if by any chance you're reading this teacher, Hello! I miss your teaching very much. "Enough is enough!" and and "Eh apa pasal ni....?!" ;P

Shall get this soon!


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