20 January 2009

Oh Cheezels

*takes a deep breathe* Finally had the courage to tell PP that I wanna drop Add Maths. & to my surprise, there's so many people dropping it to hoho. Thank God, I dropped it on time. The new chapter is horribleeeee! The amounts of homework given.... aight better not go further on it. I'm so happy that I finally got rid of it! I love freee periods *evil laughs*

Saturday, 17/1/2009

went to Pyramid and met up with Fats and CB for a little cny shopping ;) The guys totally proved me wrong wtf. I thought they would start scolding me for being grumpy as per usual but noooo! They continued to layan me even after losing their patience haha. Bumped into JJ later then. Poor guy, he was walking around the mall alone, looking for bajus. He decided to join us and mother of all mutha wtf, he asked me for opinions on what to buy hahahahahahahahahaha. No doubt, I felt pretty useful that minute ok ;)

Bought a checkered top from F21 and I'm loving it! Not sure whether I'll look good on it but I've been going on the checkered baju hunt for quite sometime and I've finally got it hoho. Satisfaction! Have I mention that Fats look good in checkered top? Oh my, I nearly fell in love with him wtf wtf obviously not. Never in a million years -_-

Not that bad eyhh. Lose some fats pls ;P

Fats's mum was kind enuff to fetch us all the way back to KK. Thank youuu! Got back home and stuffed my bajus in and Mummykins dropped us at Peiwuon's. She was really really happy aight! She was smiling throughout the whole night. The steamboat was really good. Had beer and Martell which results to my sexy sorethroat now. Lam, if you're reading this now, get well soon!

The amount of calories... tsk tsk I don't even know what to say about it. Basically, we couldn't stop eating even after 12am! Cakes and McDees mmhmmmmmm. So uhm, will let the pictures do the talking.


Joanne with Yangyang or Pingping whichever it is lolol.

Group shot.

CB and his pose. It seems like you have your trademark too CB :P

You see, Geo lens can really do wonders ;)


Candid. Guess the boobies ;D
& I just realise there's a hand coming from the back!! OHMY..

Nasi lemak? Contact CB!

This dude here was enjoying himself alone in the karaoke room with 2 mics when all of us were outside, listening to a very interesting convo all the way from HK.
(One..... Two...... Threee!) *inside joke* hahahaha.

I think Peiwuon took this when I was talking to bigboobies ;P Or.. we posed for it? =S

Beefats haha.

Messing around with Bee's extension haha. Goong goong ;)

Lam the ahgua.

*buzz* Bee.

Big boobies ;P

Joanne Chee.

Peiwuon & "extra" Lamshein.

the Host.


Ah Khai.





Her super yummy birthday cake wtf.

So pretty somemore!

Chiiii, this is for you.


By the way Peiwuon, thankiu for the awesome night! Lovelovelovelove and we enjoyed ourselves!

I'mma do my homework now :(

Loves, V.

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