12 January 2009

New found loves!

Ooh yeah baby hoho ~ I've finally got a new phone! I had a really hard time thinking on what phone to get before I settled with this. My brain almost split into two ok wtf no joke. Something not costly yet good. I didn't like the phone at all but I guess our love is starting to build. It takes time wtf so yeahh.. Byebye baby w850i R.I.P 19/3/2007 - 31/12/2008 ;( Now you know I have good memory ;D

Say hello to my new love..

School was superb today maybe I got a little excited about tomorrow (DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IS TOMORROW? DO YOU? *WINK WINK*) despite having so much of incomplete homework. I had to wake up at 3am to complete my science. What more the men in the family caused me so much trouble when I woke up this morning sheesh. Paps was being all grumpy bout the maid and Brotherbear was having fever so I've gotta layan him awhile. I was kinda late for school.

But super pro Vivian managed to finish all her homework and handed in everything on time! I am very proud of myself okayy, like very veraaayyy.

Can you feel my happiness? I'm so happy today! And whenever I look at this picture, it makes me happier!

From Mayteng and Mas!

Additional junk to the family hoho. Mummykins is gonna start nagging again if she ever sees this haha. Look at it mannnn! Its super adorable zomfgwtfbbq. Their currently nameless and its gonna take me forever to get a name wtf. Don't gimme that look mann.. I think almost every girl name their stuff toys okk.

I belum pom pom ;(

I want the photos we took on my birthday celebration ;(
Kindly send it pwweeaaaase? *big wet eyes*

Loves, V.

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