30 January 2009


It really amazes me on how people can change this fast. A person whom I put my full trust on, someone whom I really treasure and a being who plays a very important role in my heart. Can you finally feel that we're drifting apart? We're back to strangers when we first met at the most odd places. I find it so so hard for us to even get into a topic. We would always end up having disagrees and involve in unwanted arguements, & in the end? We ignore each other and show our temper.

I do miss the good ol' times we have. Late night calls, text, movies, video calls, MSN. Well, as much as I miss and want em' back, I know its impossible and it would never happen again. If I really need to blame someone then it has to be me. IF I would think twice that day, IF I would've been tougher, IF I thought bout' the consequences, IF I didn't met you, then everything would be different today.

Even if we're not gonna talk to each other or either we lost contact or something, I would never never ever forget the good memories you gave me. You taught me alot of priceless lil things that prolly even my mum would never teach me. The constant reminder you remind me; how to find a good boyf. Always there to protect me and comfort me. Never fails to cheer me up with your ever so lame joke. Thank you for trusting me.

You'll always my beloved korkor

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