07 January 2009

Hi Sorethroat

My days have been a total upside down! & its gonna repeat for the following days until I have an exact timetable of what I'm gonna do wtf. I sleep for hours ater I bath and after my nap, I'll take my late dinner. Folllowed by, the computer then homework and telly together-gether. And I'm sure this will go on for the whole month. My body have yet to adjust with the bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, pergi sekolah :( Tuition is definitely one of the big NONOs but you see, its not until me to say no anymore.

Day 2 was great. I made a new friend today and I've been constantly smiling with my 2 new neighbours which is also the new students. Haven't got the guts to say hi and all wtf its not needed right.. We'll just go on with the flow ngek. The teachers have been pretty nice to us . PP is still my + Maths teacher. Encik Abu is still the history teacher. Goodness, his damn adorable wtf I'm serious.

Saturday is finally coming! BBQ is on. Now, I can feel my excitement to it muahaha. Even if its just a handful of them, I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. I'm fine with 3 person too ;)

I'm much more excited to get my new phone wtf. D500 is retarded.

Loves, V.

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