01 January 2009

Hi, I lost my phone

I still can't seem to get over the fact that I lost my bloody cellphone and I'm the FIRST person in this family who ever ever lost a bloody phone. I'm always last when it comes to comparing between us five and yesterday, I finally got my FIRST. I'm the best daughter/sister ever. I hate how my life started so badly.

I was in denial the whole night. I couldn't stop calling my phone. I was giving myself a false hope all the while, thinking, "I dropped it and someone's gonna pick up my phone and return it back to me.." It rang for once.. and after that.. "Sorry, the number you have dialed is currently not available. Please try again later. Thank you."

Thank you?!? More like FUCK YOU.

I know its just a phone and I should get over it asap but I cannot seem to forget how careless was I last night. My baby is about to turn 2 years old in another 2 months time! Why did God had to separate us both?? :( I wonder if that fucker is gonna clean my baby weekly?? I wonder if that muthafcking fucker will take good care of my baby?? I wonder if that mother of all muthafcking fucker is gonna hurt my baby?? (Denial mode is still on)

Mum did not scold me at all instead she was laughing and smiling. It doesn't seem like a good sign to me at all. In fact, noone scolded me for my stupidity and carelessness. I don't know whether to feel happy for not hearing any lectures or that Mum promised to get me a new phone. By new phone, she means a SAME EXACT W850i WHITE wtf. I want another phone but not the same tofu phone can? I don't mind using my own money to get it but wtf I don't even know if I have savings O_O

I can seem to switch off the denial mode :/

after yesterday, I'm even more racist than ever. Fuck new year, for real.

I am not gonna blog bout how I even celebrated NYE even with truckloads of pictures.


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