13 January 2009


I especially love school today :) The guys were being really shweeeeet this morning and receiving unexpected presents from unexpected people, the feeling is superb. I got to blew another cake this time! Kien Boon and the guys were being such sweetheart. I was indeed very touched can die wtf.

Kyearn randomly told PP that twas' my birthday and he sang a birthday song for me together with the class! You should've been there to see the look of PP. Goodness, his facial expression is undeniably funny. Speaking of PP, I'm planning to drop my + Maths :/ I have very serious problem understanding it already and it would be really a waste of time if I go on like thaat eyh. I cannot make up my mind again wtf and if I were to ask anyone for opinion, they will start puking blood at my face again. I'mma big girl already and big girls make their decision themselves. OKOK.

House meeting tomorrow and the form 5's seem pretty excited about it which I don't quite understand why everyone wants a post so badly. I was planning to contribute for Yellow, like at least take part in an event since its my last year in highschool but come to think again, I BETTER NOT DO ANYTHING MAN WTF. I am very rusty already ok. Or rather too old to even do anything hoho.

1230am. Time to hit the sacks.


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