27 January 2009

CNY is SIENness

Recap of what happened lately.

  • Klang will now be my least favourite place starting today.
  • I nearly fell asleep when I visited my relatives.
  • I annoyed the shit outta Alson and Alvin, and I'm simply loving it! Those irritated face :P
  • A bloody pimple is on my face and its irritating the shit outta me.
  • I have a skin of a 30 year old.
  • I dropped my sexy phone twice a day and the best thing is, its still looking good.
  • The phone is retarded and now I know why Bee say its laggy. It certainly is!
  • Brotherbear is officially listed as a very romantic guy in my list.
  • I learnt how to fold a paper birdie.
  • I am getting fatter day by day. Food is temptation fuck.
  • My sorethroat is still as sexy as ever especially when it comes to night time.
  • I get very annoyed by what Mummykins has to complain. ANYTHING MAN.
  • Paps is so grumpy lately which also influences me. Its so annoying ish.
  • I am so lazy to dress up for any reasons.
  • I hate removing my make ups, laziness hits.
  • I don't know wht guys are thinking which causes me to feel very irritated too.
  • Most importantly, my bloody bleeding love is not here yet that's why I am so irritated by everything!!

Loves, V.

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