04 January 2009

Bye Holiday, Hi School

Today marks the last day of my holiday wtf,
& lets welcome the not so welcomed school after one and a half months!

How guuhhhhreeaaaat -_-

This is by far, my best holiday for the whole 16 years. My freedom has reached a wider range. Upgraded! I went to countries that I've always wanted to go to since God knows when. My next stop should be Singapore! I lost weight and gained and lost and gained again whatthefook. I gained trusts from Mummykins *double the credit* And the bad news? I doubt I still remember what + Maths is all about wtf. Kiss goodbye?

The brighter note, I'm dropping Accounts next year. It may seem like some easy peasy thing to some of you out there but definitely not to a person with a not so fast brain like moi. I repeat, a not so fast brain does not mean that I'm slow ok wtf. I can't balance both the accounts and I don't understand why do you need to open so many other accounts when you can just settle all in one! Aight, I'll never get it. There's so many subjects that I wanna drop but I do not have any idea whether I should or shouldn't. I don't wanna regret after my final decision. Being fickle minded as always, obviously, I did not came up with a final decision. + Maths? Accounts? Economics? Take all? Drop all? 911.

Teehee. Brotherbear is bringing me out for karaoke at Neway later lovelove. Something to release the butterflies in my tummy since morning ughh. Karaoke before school starts again, good plan. Bonding time with the brother ;)

Merry school re-open day wtf.

Loves, V.

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