30 January 2009

R.I.P, Pn Daisy.

"Tuck in your shirt!"

"No, dangling dangling earrings ahh..."

"Why is your skirt so short?!"

We will miss you. May you rest in peace, Pn Daisy Chua.


It really amazes me on how people can change this fast. A person whom I put my full trust on, someone whom I really treasure and a being who plays a very important role in my heart. Can you finally feel that we're drifting apart? We're back to strangers when we first met at the most odd places. I find it so so hard for us to even get into a topic. We would always end up having disagrees and involve in unwanted arguements, & in the end? We ignore each other and show our temper.

I do miss the good ol' times we have. Late night calls, text, movies, video calls, MSN. Well, as much as I miss and want em' back, I know its impossible and it would never happen again. If I really need to blame someone then it has to be me. IF I would think twice that day, IF I would've been tougher, IF I thought bout' the consequences, IF I didn't met you, then everything would be different today.

Even if we're not gonna talk to each other or either we lost contact or something, I would never never ever forget the good memories you gave me. You taught me alot of priceless lil things that prolly even my mum would never teach me. The constant reminder you remind me; how to find a good boyf. Always there to protect me and comfort me. Never fails to cheer me up with your ever so lame joke. Thank you for trusting me.

You'll always my beloved korkor

27 January 2009

CNY is SIENness

Recap of what happened lately.

  • Klang will now be my least favourite place starting today.
  • I nearly fell asleep when I visited my relatives.
  • I annoyed the shit outta Alson and Alvin, and I'm simply loving it! Those irritated face :P
  • A bloody pimple is on my face and its irritating the shit outta me.
  • I have a skin of a 30 year old.
  • I dropped my sexy phone twice a day and the best thing is, its still looking good.
  • The phone is retarded and now I know why Bee say its laggy. It certainly is!
  • Brotherbear is officially listed as a very romantic guy in my list.
  • I learnt how to fold a paper birdie.
  • I am getting fatter day by day. Food is temptation fuck.
  • My sorethroat is still as sexy as ever especially when it comes to night time.
  • I get very annoyed by what Mummykins has to complain. ANYTHING MAN.
  • Paps is so grumpy lately which also influences me. Its so annoying ish.
  • I am so lazy to dress up for any reasons.
  • I hate removing my make ups, laziness hits.
  • I don't know wht guys are thinking which causes me to feel very irritated too.
  • Most importantly, my bloody bleeding love is not here yet that's why I am so irritated by everything!!

Loves, V.

26 January 2009

Merry Chinese New Year 2009


May you have a healthy and prosperous year! Get more angpaus!

Loves, V.

23 January 2009

Welcome Back!

The good news!

Oh my this beloved message means more than anything! Welcome back beloved *fly a kiss and blushes kao kao*

Lazy mode OFF.

Hello world ;) I'm blogging for the sake of big boobies HEHE. Okay la you must be thinking "Mmg she wanna blog herself but wtf wanna use other peoples name wtf wei bitch," I suka you suka wtf. Khai if you're reading this, I'm so so sorry :/ Its removed anyway lol.

The amount of people who reads this almost dead blog surprises me. Doesn't sound pretty much like a good sign to me. It makes me feel like I've gotta be extra careful of what I write just for precaution. Even Mr Austin reads blog but obviously not mine la anyway I'm not hoping he would drop by also because I really enjoy talking bad about teachers ;) I know like its your blog and you do have the rights to type what you suka or x suka but like and dislike really make much difference. Ahh, how the ffff you put it in sentence wtf anyway try to understand it but if you don't then just forget about it grr.

Shawn, I should name you Boobies starting today hoho. She is really my saviour whenever I need help and lonely :/ Oh yeah, the book I took from your beloved the other day, I totally forgot to return him the money! Soo, I had my late lunch at Sweet cafe and my bubble tea crave mhmm. After much much many many consideration, had Blurboy to drop me home. Thank you so much! It takes quite some courage to do this wtf and I was practically blushing all the way wtf man so malu can die wtf. No doubt, I'm quite proud of myself. It feels like having a big boobs out of no where.

CNY is drawing closer and the mood is not here at all. I've been constantly playing and singing the sexy cny songs yet the atmosphere still seems so dull. Just for your info, I do love CNY songs HEHE. I've been singing it for the whole of this week and I even play it in class!! Oh God please God, oh period please period, don't come on the first few days of CNY please wtf. I don't wanna get all bleeding love emo bemo nemo because of uuuuuuu :/

Hey, look!

Drew by infamous Bruce Lee on MSN hoho! Its super cute!

I need a new bag for CNY :/ By the way, sorry Kenny I can't make it there! Hope you guys will have fun aight! My mood is soooooo gooooooood today *flashes big big wide smile*

Lazy mode ON.

Loves, V.

21 January 2009


*pats on the fatty arm*

Vivian: "Hello cher!"
Teacher: "I heard you lost your phone yaa..."
Vivian: "HUH? O_o Who told you, teacher?!"
Teacher: "I read it from Nanyang Siang Pau. You tak baca ke??! Eh its your phone!"
Vivian: *sweat kao kao* "Cherr......."
Teacher: "Macam mana you hilang ni..?!"

& it goes on...

OHMYFGOD. I don't think I've told any teachers about the grrr stupid incident. I asked my friends and none of them told her soo.. I guess the one and only answer should be she accidentally found my name in some student's blog. So, she accidentally clicked my name and accidentally read my NYE pissy post and accidentally knew about it? *big wet eyes* The major of all major problem is that.. my post was full of vulgarities ._. The word were bold in the largest font and its red in color ohmygod -_-

Anyway if by any chance you're reading this teacher, Hello! I miss your teaching very much. "Enough is enough!" and and "Eh apa pasal ni....?!" ;P

Shall get this soon!


20 January 2009

Oh Cheezels

*takes a deep breathe* Finally had the courage to tell PP that I wanna drop Add Maths. & to my surprise, there's so many people dropping it to hoho. Thank God, I dropped it on time. The new chapter is horribleeeee! The amounts of homework given.... aight better not go further on it. I'm so happy that I finally got rid of it! I love freee periods *evil laughs*

Saturday, 17/1/2009

went to Pyramid and met up with Fats and CB for a little cny shopping ;) The guys totally proved me wrong wtf. I thought they would start scolding me for being grumpy as per usual but noooo! They continued to layan me even after losing their patience haha. Bumped into JJ later then. Poor guy, he was walking around the mall alone, looking for bajus. He decided to join us and mother of all mutha wtf, he asked me for opinions on what to buy hahahahahahahahahaha. No doubt, I felt pretty useful that minute ok ;)

Bought a checkered top from F21 and I'm loving it! Not sure whether I'll look good on it but I've been going on the checkered baju hunt for quite sometime and I've finally got it hoho. Satisfaction! Have I mention that Fats look good in checkered top? Oh my, I nearly fell in love with him wtf wtf obviously not. Never in a million years -_-

Not that bad eyhh. Lose some fats pls ;P

Fats's mum was kind enuff to fetch us all the way back to KK. Thank youuu! Got back home and stuffed my bajus in and Mummykins dropped us at Peiwuon's. She was really really happy aight! She was smiling throughout the whole night. The steamboat was really good. Had beer and Martell which results to my sexy sorethroat now. Lam, if you're reading this now, get well soon!

The amount of calories... tsk tsk I don't even know what to say about it. Basically, we couldn't stop eating even after 12am! Cakes and McDees mmhmmmmmm. So uhm, will let the pictures do the talking.


Joanne with Yangyang or Pingping whichever it is lolol.

Group shot.

CB and his pose. It seems like you have your trademark too CB :P

You see, Geo lens can really do wonders ;)


Candid. Guess the boobies ;D
& I just realise there's a hand coming from the back!! OHMY..

Nasi lemak? Contact CB!

This dude here was enjoying himself alone in the karaoke room with 2 mics when all of us were outside, listening to a very interesting convo all the way from HK.
(One..... Two...... Threee!) *inside joke* hahahaha.

I think Peiwuon took this when I was talking to bigboobies ;P Or.. we posed for it? =S

Beefats haha.

Messing around with Bee's extension haha. Goong goong ;)

Lam the ahgua.

*buzz* Bee.

Big boobies ;P

Joanne Chee.

Peiwuon & "extra" Lamshein.

the Host.


Ah Khai.





Her super yummy birthday cake wtf.

So pretty somemore!

Chiiii, this is for you.


By the way Peiwuon, thankiu for the awesome night! Lovelovelovelove and we enjoyed ourselves!

I'mma do my homework now :(

Loves, V.

19 January 2009


You've no idea how much I wanna blog right now but stupid Blogger decided to turn gay at this very moment! I've been editing the photos from 5pm until now and when I'm finally done with the editings, I cannot post it up wtf is this man! 吊!

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to blog tomorrow then. Till then, nights!


16 January 2009


For the first time in 7teen years. BK is so so so much better than McD's. The super big portion is very worthy for its price compared to McD's. Are you hungry yet? ;P

I wanna gooooooooo! If only Mummykins would mute herself for the whole day, I would definitely go with her. I am so desperate to buy my cny clothings sigh.

So not in the mood to story.

Loves, V.

15 January 2009

Malas giler

Have I mention that c902 have the most retarded camera ever? The camera is really killing me and its so troublesome to edit every photos. The picture is colorless ok so scary wtf. Okok no complains. I'm sure Jenn is gonna be like.. "Vivian, you're 17 already wtf,"


so sorry to tell you that I have another complain to do HAHA not funny.

I really dislike my english teacher wtf. She doesn't understand us and she's not even trying to at least put the effort to understand us either! She doesn't listen to what we have to say and she is just weird that way wtf. The shugar paper is supposed to be up at the back of the class but we ran out of shugar paper and you know what.. She replaced it with very ugly green color paper and she told us not to take it down WTF? -_-

Today, Suet drew bamboo sticks on the manila card and have yet to cut it out. And guess what my teacher did man.. Jeng jeng jeng, she wanted to just paste the whole damn manila card on the board without even cutting it...... o m f g w t f b b q. I really felt damn zha dou can die. Also, we learned how to use singular/plural, and, has/have, do/does for english today hahahahahaha. I really am super speechless can die.

Lemme show you something ;P

Its a pink mouse but the photo is retarded wtv.

From the lovebirds, Fats and Weelee.

Time to telly ;D

My whole family went speechless seeing this haha.

Loves, V.

13 January 2009


I especially love school today :) The guys were being really shweeeeet this morning and receiving unexpected presents from unexpected people, the feeling is superb. I got to blew another cake this time! Kien Boon and the guys were being such sweetheart. I was indeed very touched can die wtf.

Kyearn randomly told PP that twas' my birthday and he sang a birthday song for me together with the class! You should've been there to see the look of PP. Goodness, his facial expression is undeniably funny. Speaking of PP, I'm planning to drop my + Maths :/ I have very serious problem understanding it already and it would be really a waste of time if I go on like thaat eyh. I cannot make up my mind again wtf and if I were to ask anyone for opinion, they will start puking blood at my face again. I'mma big girl already and big girls make their decision themselves. OKOK.

House meeting tomorrow and the form 5's seem pretty excited about it which I don't quite understand why everyone wants a post so badly. I was planning to contribute for Yellow, like at least take part in an event since its my last year in highschool but come to think again, I BETTER NOT DO ANYTHING MAN WTF. I am very rusty already ok. Or rather too old to even do anything hoho.

1230am. Time to hit the sacks.



This is.. the best birthday ever! I am honestly very happy and touched! I got to blow cakes and I received the most presents after so many birthdays wtf! Thank you everyone who actually made my stress 7teen a memorable one. Its superb!

Happy birthday to twin Pearly, Kien Boon, Uncle Tan, Xingrou's mum and Suet's mum.
13th Jan is such a brilliant day wtf ;D


Lotsa love, V.

12 January 2009

New found loves!

Ooh yeah baby hoho ~ I've finally got a new phone! I had a really hard time thinking on what phone to get before I settled with this. My brain almost split into two ok wtf no joke. Something not costly yet good. I didn't like the phone at all but I guess our love is starting to build. It takes time wtf so yeahh.. Byebye baby w850i R.I.P 19/3/2007 - 31/12/2008 ;( Now you know I have good memory ;D

Say hello to my new love..

School was superb today maybe I got a little excited about tomorrow (DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IS TOMORROW? DO YOU? *WINK WINK*) despite having so much of incomplete homework. I had to wake up at 3am to complete my science. What more the men in the family caused me so much trouble when I woke up this morning sheesh. Paps was being all grumpy bout the maid and Brotherbear was having fever so I've gotta layan him awhile. I was kinda late for school.

But super pro Vivian managed to finish all her homework and handed in everything on time! I am very proud of myself okayy, like very veraaayyy.

Can you feel my happiness? I'm so happy today! And whenever I look at this picture, it makes me happier!

From Mayteng and Mas!

Additional junk to the family hoho. Mummykins is gonna start nagging again if she ever sees this haha. Look at it mannnn! Its super adorable zomfgwtfbbq. Their currently nameless and its gonna take me forever to get a name wtf. Don't gimme that look mann.. I think almost every girl name their stuff toys okk.

I belum pom pom ;(

I want the photos we took on my birthday celebration ;(
Kindly send it pwweeaaaase? *big wet eyes*

Loves, V.

09 January 2009

All new 9.0

The pretty pretty new MSN makes me feel pretty wtf.

Please click to enlarge.

I've recovered from the sexy fever! I'm stronger than ever now wtf.


08 January 2009

Pain des

My whole body is ACHING!!

Like seriously very painful can die. Felt like I just did a whole day of gym wtf. I'm down with fever and sorethroat right after the day Xingrou got her fever. I'm feeling very terribly sick right now. How am I supposed to BBQ in such condition? Blessed with the Love from God.

School haven't been helping either. Its just the first week and we've got shit lots of homework everyday! & the pile of homeworks given never misses + Maths which is getting really really complicated. I'm about to raise the white flag cos I can't take it any longer.. The understanding is getting really complicating and with sucha not so fast brain right.. how am I supposed to catch up? -_-

Shit, I'm feeling like shit now. My whole body is hot and my fingers are numb >:(


07 January 2009

Hi Sorethroat

My days have been a total upside down! & its gonna repeat for the following days until I have an exact timetable of what I'm gonna do wtf. I sleep for hours ater I bath and after my nap, I'll take my late dinner. Folllowed by, the computer then homework and telly together-gether. And I'm sure this will go on for the whole month. My body have yet to adjust with the bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, pergi sekolah :( Tuition is definitely one of the big NONOs but you see, its not until me to say no anymore.

Day 2 was great. I made a new friend today and I've been constantly smiling with my 2 new neighbours which is also the new students. Haven't got the guts to say hi and all wtf its not needed right.. We'll just go on with the flow ngek. The teachers have been pretty nice to us . PP is still my + Maths teacher. Encik Abu is still the history teacher. Goodness, his damn adorable wtf I'm serious.

Saturday is finally coming! BBQ is on. Now, I can feel my excitement to it muahaha. Even if its just a handful of them, I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. I'm fine with 3 person too ;)

I'm much more excited to get my new phone wtf. D500 is retarded.

Loves, V.

05 January 2009

Very times ten exhausted

I am so so so tired now that I don't even know how to describe my tiredness.

First day of school went all well. I was really nervous in the morning wtf I don't know why like as if its my first day schooling wtf. My class teacher is new here and she look really really soft yet strict at the same time.

There really isn't nothing much to talk about or maybe its just my mood -_-


04 January 2009

Bye Holiday, Hi School

Today marks the last day of my holiday wtf,
& lets welcome the not so welcomed school after one and a half months!

How guuhhhhreeaaaat -_-

This is by far, my best holiday for the whole 16 years. My freedom has reached a wider range. Upgraded! I went to countries that I've always wanted to go to since God knows when. My next stop should be Singapore! I lost weight and gained and lost and gained again whatthefook. I gained trusts from Mummykins *double the credit* And the bad news? I doubt I still remember what + Maths is all about wtf. Kiss goodbye?

The brighter note, I'm dropping Accounts next year. It may seem like some easy peasy thing to some of you out there but definitely not to a person with a not so fast brain like moi. I repeat, a not so fast brain does not mean that I'm slow ok wtf. I can't balance both the accounts and I don't understand why do you need to open so many other accounts when you can just settle all in one! Aight, I'll never get it. There's so many subjects that I wanna drop but I do not have any idea whether I should or shouldn't. I don't wanna regret after my final decision. Being fickle minded as always, obviously, I did not came up with a final decision. + Maths? Accounts? Economics? Take all? Drop all? 911.

Teehee. Brotherbear is bringing me out for karaoke at Neway later lovelove. Something to release the butterflies in my tummy since morning ughh. Karaoke before school starts again, good plan. Bonding time with the brother ;)

Merry school re-open day wtf.

Loves, V.

03 January 2009

"Patience is a Virtue, Vivian.."

Someone please drag me out from my laziness! I feel terribly utterly lazy today and its not like I woke up early for the wedding ceremony. I woke up at freaking 1130 and went out for the so called "wedding dinner" which was in the afternoon just now. They couldn't get tables for the night so yeah.. afternoon it is. What a heavy lunch :/

I cannot wake up at freaking 610am anymore, any anymore. I tried it this morning but my eyes cannot seem to open up and I gave up and went back to bed again wtf. I haven't try my skirt, I don't know if I still can wear it. After a month and a half of eat, sleep, play routine, I HIGHLY doubt I still can fit in it, I pray wtf. I haven't clean up the bag that is left on that very same spot since the last day of school. Its already collecting dusts and webs by the way. I haven't even clean up the pile of books and papers gooodnessssss!

Now you see how lazy I am?

This was sticking behind every door in the ladies. I couldn't stop laughing wtf.

Malaysian English (._.)

-_- I don't know what is Mum up to wtf.

My baby Zhi Wei!

To BBQ or not to?

Loves, V.