25 December 2008


Once again, ohmyvivian wishes all readers a Very Happy Merry Christmas! How was your christmas celebration? Sadly, fatty Santa did not drop by my house wtf. Nothing I asked for came true either *sigh* I should've knew it was a fat chance >:(

After yesterday, it really makes me feel like I'm one step closer to my brother. I'm never close to him compared to cSeong. He doesn't stay at home often, he doesn't talk to me often, he doesn't joke with me and all he ever did was to scold me for whatever I do. Its like he have something against me all the time. We can never communicate well like never.

The car ride to Pyramid, fetched by Mengwai was really beneficial. I finally know what's going on around him, the people he hangs out with, girls and family. It wasn't much but it was helpful :) I was told that he really really love the shoe we got him and he was talking bout it all the time to his friends wtf 24 years old liao halo.

& the most shocking thing is that.. jeng jeng jeng! HE EVEN TALKED ABOUT THE IPOD NANO I WANTED MUAHAHAHA. So happy can die ok?!?! Aight maybe his just crapping but it really made me happy cause he actually remembered bout the stuff I asked for and ok la even if his not getting it for me, I'll still be happy (You think I really am?). I'm not a very materialistic sister ok >:(

Anyway, I celebrated my eve with Peiwuon, Shawn and Lamshein in Pyramid. I'm getting really sick of being in Pyramid already but because its the nearest mall from my house. I really wanted to go The Curve badly but wtf man I blame the location I'm staying wtf. Again I'm repeating myself, I stay in the middle of no where!! Anyanyway, we watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

OMGOODNESSS! I love love love love love love love the movie to the max! Aaron Johnson is so rapeable wtf wtf. I'm sure most of the girls will love it especially those who are still studying in schools ;P. Its a must must watch or you'll regret till you die wtf. We were making noise about the seat we got, like the 4th row from the front lor!! Halo, neck also pain la please. But...

Aaron Johnson is worth the pain wtf. I was very very very very close to him ok! His officially my boyfriend to backup Wilber when his away wtf. I think they should change a better looking girl than Georgia seriously but overall, her acting was okay. Oh btw, its a British movie and Aaron Johnson is a british man! N'ooohhhh, I don't like their accent but wtf his so hot who cares.

Rating: 11/10!!!!!!!

Sadly, he looks really horrible in pictures. I mean VERY VERY HORRIBLE.
Downloading movie in process muahaha.

Random. I saw this car and I couldn't help it but to burst into laughters. It is a problem to me lor -_-

Wow, long post. Let's see how many people bother reading.

Loves, V.

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