08 December 2008


A very delayed post with verrrrryyy lil pictures. *sigh* I am a very bad photographer wtf even by using the digital camera shows my lousy side wtf wtf. Or maybe I should blame the lousy camera hor. I don't think I should even hope for a DSLR like Mark said so wtf haha. Yeah anyway, there aren't much pictures. Pictures from Gnes very cannot make it wtf but will post it after I photoshop my round face HAHAHAHA.

I haven't busy but I'm trying hard to make myself busy so that I won't start thinking nonsensical stuffs. I chose to do this myself yet I'm whining about the pain I go through wtf. Why am I like that sigh sigh sigh. NEVER BE A MIDDLE MAN, seriously. This is my first and last time doing this. I think I would kill myself doing this again gr. Time will heal the pain, time will heal the pain. It really feels like I just poured one big bottle of dettol to my wound *ouch*

And, when will get the guts! When will I learn to say no to you? Sometimes I really wonder are you that stupid to realize how hurt it feels inside me. I denied and you believe ah! 你真得很笨咯!笨到要死!You actually think it can heal so fast? What am I? Superwoman???

*sigh* I can't believe this is happening again after 3 years. Who will be the next person whose gonna silent kill again wtf. Why am I always the person who kena ks har har har wtf. Very frustrated can die dot com. At the same time, I wouldn't wanna lose anyone of you. I thought you were powderful but.. you're much more powerful than I expected. 妈的,我真的太过看小你了。你比我想象中的还强,还要厉害。I really am stupid.

I feel so chinesy lately. Jensu say I sound like those cinapek the other day. No doubt, my mandarin is improving wahahahaha. I'm still gonna thank the one and only best tutor in the whole wide world which is my beloved husband, Wilber Pan ♥. I wanna improve my canton lor grr if only people would stop laughing at my not very accurate cantonese ahahah.

Loves, V.

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