11 December 2008

That's Why You Go Away

Hello! 你好! Hola! Bonjour! こんにちは! 안녕하세요!

I am very very very happy ;) I was really having a hard time with my phone. I really feel like just breaking the simcard into two and apply for a Maxis line! It was fine around evening and then my line was gone again after dinner like wtf is this man?? What kinda service is this??? I went online and wrote a complain but it says they will reply me within 2 days wtf. I got so muthafcking pissed and I just offed my phone and took out the battery then I dozed off to bed grrrr. The line didn't get any better this morning so I did the same thing and went back to sleep again. & now, its working perfectly fine!


I just finish watching Frivolous Wife, a sweet comedy korean movie. Both the actor and actress is really good looking especially the actress, Park Jeong-ah. She's reaaaaaalllly pretty!

Frivolous Wife/Nallari Jongbujeon.
Rating: 8/10

This is so damn cuteeeee!

王子看見二公主/Prince + Princess 2.
Premieres next week, replacing Miss No Good.


In another 14 hours time, I'll be leaving to HK! No, not looking forward neither excited about it at all. I'm all worried about the peoples going, at least let me meet a youngster no Patrick is no longer young wtf. He is already an old man getting married. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that I don't overspent again. Maybe I should list out the things I need to buy. Mummykins didn't change much HKD so must not spend so much, cannot spend so much *brainwashes maself*

Hopefully its not cold there. Oh oh, I wish I can bump into some artist there hoho ;P Must try my luck this time!


I made a big deal about you going out? Now it sounds like its all my fault. I don't know how much stress you're going through but it seems like you've been having a good time going out. When will you learn? Oh wait, the question should be will you even bother learning?? My sacarsm hurts you? Why not you try to put yourself into my position now. When you're in trouble, I am the first person your parents and your boyfriend looks for. I will have to get all panic looking for you, trying so hard to get through your phone.

You're once a person I put my full trust to but honestly now, every single word that comes out from your mouth I really have to filter it properly before even absorbing it. How much do you care about our problem? You only text/call after probably 2 weeks when I no longer remember and care about what had happened between us. Or lets put it another way, you're doing this because you've got noone to whine and complain about what your boyfriend did to you recently?

I don't know why did you even put the blame on him. I appreciate his effort for telling me in fact, he told me because he knew I would care and I guess he was worried as well. Who wouldn't get worried? In the middle of your big exam, you went over to "take a break" by clubbing. Oops, my bad it should be "drinking", you did not dance at all right. Like wtf? What's the difference??

You think I really like getting worried about you? You think I have nothing better to do but to care about your life? I really don't know who you are anymore. The smart girl I onced knew disappeared in a sudden. Probably you mixed around with the wrong group of friends or you're just born to be like that? I don't know and I wouldn't wanna think about it. It really doesn't matter to me anymore. I am tired and I also need my break.


Love is one big illusion I should try to forget,
but there is something left in my head.
You were never satisfied no matter how I tried,
now I need to learn to say goodbye to you.

Loves, V.

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