05 December 2008


Yes I am here to express my boringness again. & the other reason is probably I'm too kiasu to see my analytics diminishing like crazy wtf. But then again, its my fault for being so boring. Who can I blame but myself right? The only thing that can keeps me away from boredness for half an hour is Pet Society! Deh, the one and only thing to kill boredom. Oh yeah btw, is there anyway to earn fast cash? I need to renovate my boring pink house badly..

I was browsing through my old photos and I found something muahaha *horny face* I found Fats's baby photo! Its fuhreaaaaaaking cute and no Gnes, don't leave me weird comments wtf. I am posting the picture not because I miss him okay so you don't luan lai again -__-. Look at his hands hahahaah exactly like 莲藕 hahahahahahahaa. I forgot what you call it in english lol. Why do people look so cute when their young but... better not continue ;P

Cute right!

Huiyee che asked if I wanna follow them to Port Dickson next weekend. I got really really excited, jumping around, flashing the big smile buthen.. I'm leaving to HK next Thursday wtf *bummed* Right after the Penang trip, I really look forward to another trip with them but sigh what can I do. I think I will choose to go PD than HK. I don't think there will be anyone younger than me going wtf. The only person I can talk to/disturb is Mummykins and Patrick *big wet eyes*

Another note.

I miss school! Why is it that when you're in school, you would wish to stay at home but when you're given the chance to stay at home, you would wish to go to school! Why is life like that! Headache wtf. I haven't seen them for a month or more. I'm quite excited about the incoming super stress Form 5 life but sad also cause holiday is gonna end in less than a months time -___-

*sigh* I miss my kakis.

She spits at me after I bite the cucumber wtf.


My last day of school. FF :(


On the happier note, Miss Khoo is coming back on the 11th! Great, a day before HK wtf -___-

Watched this with Joker and Lesbo the other day wtf. Don't waste your time watching this pls.
Rating: 5/10. (I enjoy the company than the movie!)

Smart Vivian streamed 6 movies to kill boredom wtf. I really can feel webs growing all over me! Not excited bout HK and the x'mas/nye mood is not here. Why so dull?

Loves, V.

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