04 December 2008


I wanna shift wtf. I am living in the middle of no where! More like the jungle *sigh* And its damn inconvenient to go all the way to kL since noone is gonna bother fetching me there grr. Speaking of kL, I wanna go hunt for cheap nice stuffs! *double sigh* I wanna buy baju but I have no money. I wanna spend money but I'm so stingy wtf. Why am I so fussy -____-

I've got no plans for X'mas and NYE!! Peiwuon potonged my steam, Smelly needs to wait for the calendar, cSeong doesn't wanna bring me to cWey's birthday because his too afraid that Mummykins is gonna kill him wtf, cWey is still thinking whether to bring me there or not, Fats wont is too busy with his baby and GAAH I'M PLANLESS WTF. I wanna go out on both days but I have a feeling that Mummykins will potong my steam again *triple the sigh*

End of complains.

Loves, V.

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