28 December 2008


*pats on my own shoulder*

I did a good job today! I cooked brunch for my maid and myself.. It is edible and its not just your normal fried rice man. Its so nice till I don't even wanna tell you how nice it is. Overall, I rate a 11.5/10! *proud* Like mother, like daughter tsk tsk ;P

I alsoo.. nyahahaha jeng jeng jeng.. wrapped my books! There isn't much to wrap since we will still be using some of our Form 4 books. By the way, thankiuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Jensu for your books! I will look for you for papers, no worries >:) Saved alot on books this year goodness. I need to clean up the book mess in my room. It've been there since last year and I haven't get to clean the mess! I need a empty big box. I have my Form 1, 2, 3 books with me wtf. Donation?

My plan on NYE is on! After so many months of wanting to be in Redbox/Neway sheesh. Now, I have to keep my fingers crossed for available rooms *fingers crossed* They better have rooms!! Sing ma lungs out *joy*

2008 is coming to an end.

Geo Lens can really do magic wtf.

Loves, V.

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