31 December 2008

Its the Last

2008 has finally come to an end. Looking back, I really regret for things I've said and done that hurt all my loved ones. The disappointment and hatred gawd, I wouldn't wanna see that anymore. After what I went through, it made me realize lots of things. I'm proud to say, my mind is finally growing whether to someone wiser or not wtf :)

To the special someone, x, you made me learned alot throughout the whole year. I don't tell you much but we're just close like that. I'm sorry that I made sucha a mistake. I'm sorry that I hurt you deep, I am very very sorry. In the incoming year, I will fulfill all my promises to you and make sure I don't make the same mistakes again. Thank you for giving me another chance. I am not good in words but yeah I hope you'll get me.

Sooo.. did you realize that I made a few changes in the blog? Thanks a million to Melisa for her big big help! Not much difference but I think I prefer it be like that. Prettified ;)

Let's all welcome the incoming year whether you will be staying home or out with friends! I hereby, wishes everyone a Very Happy New Year 2009!

p/s: I'm obsessed with my blog.

p/p/s: New year's resolution? Stop complaining, go on a successful diet, serious studying time! I doubt any of these 3 will come true.

Lotsa love, V.

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