21 December 2008

Hong Kong - Day 4

Camwhored with Mummykins before my peningness.

I loveeee the food!

Checked in Venetian after dinner. The lobby hall ;)


Our room. Magnum/Toto anyone? ;D

The minute we entered the room, Mum and I dropped jaws! It's so beautiful and grand. Love love their concept to death man. Everything is very pretty in there. Lemme show you.

Mum's and mine ;P

Paps. WAHAHAHAHA. I know I'm very very mean but Paps was ok with it ;P

Mum's idea -_-

Had a walk around Venetian after we settled down.

Mum thought the clouds were moving wtf -_-

I thought it was a statue when I first passed by until I saw peoples crowding, I had a closer look and wtf that fella winked at me! I stoned and ran to my mum wtf.

Pretty tree ;P

I love love my socks to the max. Its so colorful wahahaha.

Mum left me alone outside the casino. All the shops were closed and I have nothing to do at all! The security guards were staring at me as if I'm looking for a good chance to run inside (I'll come to this later) wtf. Those china men were staring at me like I'm looking for business x_X. I DON'T LOOK LIKE I'M FROM CHINA HELLO WTF. People come asking me if I need ship tix, they're selling it illegally. OMGOODNESSSSSSS, I FELT LIKE DYING THAT MOMENT OK.

So right, they were a bunch of pretty young ladies prolly around my age only but they look really really matured like around 20+. The casinos are only limited to above 18s. They came in a group, around 6 person. And they were running to the entrance till the security guard was shouting for help from his friend lol? Only one manage to get in lol. Very scary mann. I seriously don't know how did these ladies get their balls to do that wtf.

-_- I have no mood to correct my Vinglish.

Loves, V.

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