20 December 2008

Hong Kong - Day 3

Rise and shine!
Bought the boots for 199hkd. VERY EXPENSIVE CAN DIE but I ♥ it.

Some harbour which I forgot the name of it. Victoria? WHAT ISSIT AGAIN, XIAN? LOL.

"I got it from my Mama ~"
Poser mum.

L - R: Joyce, Moi, Mum and Patrick.

On our way to some beach.

Spot the fatness WTF.

Longevity Bridge (长寿乔)
They say you'll have a 3 years life longer each time you walk the bridge.
(wtv, i dono how to put it in a sentence. understand this urself -_-)

Stanley (赤柱) Market.

A random dog I saw on the street. Its a female btw, very very obedient!

Had dinner here.

Night view of Avenue of Stars (香港星光大道)
Look at the quality of the photo man wtf. X'mas present anyone?

Eric Tsang's mini hand.

Avenue of Stars was crowded with many many people. It wasn't even easy to snap a photo of the hands grr. Gave up after Eric's. Headed over to Lady Street (女人街) after that. Very unproductive shopping.

I am veryy lazy to recall back what I did the whole day so I captionized the pictures. Its not like you would bother reading right! You're here prolly because you're bored or for the pictures >:(

The other probability is.. you love me! ;)

Loves, V.

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