19 December 2008

Hong Kong - Day 2, HK Disneyland

Aight, before I start I have to make myself clear nuff that I AM NOT A GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER hence the BAD ANGLE PHOTOS. I was basically squeezing through the gap between the pole and Patrick. Plus, Patrick's hand was blocking my view! No complains k :)

Got up really early in the morning and walked to some street for dimsum breakies hoho. You gotta love their Hagau (虾较) and Siumai (烧卖)! Its so so so so so so good! Sorry, no food photos ;P Very shy can die haha.


Boarded the bus and off we left to Disneyland. I wasn't looking forward to it at all, like not at all. I rather save the time to do something elses like staying in or anywhere but Disneyland wtf. Its really really small and there's nothing to play at all omg -__-. We stayed there like the whole day and I swear its fucking fucking boring.

Well, let the pictures do the talking then.

Our ticket which cost like 100rm+ wtf.

Our group photo.
If you bother enlarging it, you can never see our eyes haha! Mr.Sun :(

Mum wanted a photo wtf.

On the cinderella ride.
She's a bad photographer so I deleted mine.


Chips & Dale.

Disney's Princesses.

Alice in Wonderland.

Toy Story.


I haven't watch my drama! See you in the next post ;)

Loves, V.

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