18 December 2008

Hong Kong - Day 1

Stupid flight was at 6 in the bloody morning!! Which means that I need to wake up at 3 in the fuhreaking morning but that is usually my sleeping time wtf. Miss Khoo called and we talked all the way till 2am. I couldn't even shut my eyes so decided to get ready a little earlier.

4 hours flight ohemgeez. If you know me well nuff, you should know how much I HATE being in the plane. I get very serious headache grr. The smell of the plane just had to make things worse. &, I don't get how people can eat in the plane!! The food smell makes me feel like throwing up. Yeah, I don't take food when I'm in the plane. I AM NOT SPOILT >:( Blame my mum's gene then. The 3 of us have the same problem lol.

After a long long flight (4 hours is fcuking long pls), finally reached our destination. The airport was crowded with peoples. The queue was reaaaaaaaal long. 2 hours just to pass the custom -_-

People mountain people sea, 人山人海.
This is just part of the crowd!

Got up the bus and off we go for lunch which isn't that bad but quite bad lol. I was still going through my pening pening moments so mind me. I totally lost my appetite to eat till the next day.

After lunch, we visited the Wong Tai Sin temple. The Hongkies are the ones who usually pray Him. Went in and had a look then came out again. Nothing much to see in a temple lol.

Like you will bother reading this haha.

The temple.

Then, checked in the hotel. We were staying at Park Hotel situated at Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀). The hotel is really good! Clean and pretty but sadly, their lobby is under renovation so its quite noisy and small.

Outside Park Hotel.

We were given time to take a rest and bath. Then, it was dinner time which was just 2 streets away. 2 streets is fucking far okay! Its not near at all. I really have to salute the Hongkies. I'm sure they've build nice muscles on their leg after so many years wtf.

After dinner, my dizzy journey continues. We had to go all the way up to the hill/mountain wtv it is, to have a good view of the whole Hong Kong. I forgot the name of the place, I don't have the itinerary with me now wtf. We also visited the wax museum which is called Madame Tussauds instead. Their quite creepy to be honest. I accidentally bumped into one of them and I said sorry wtf wtf wtf wtf. I thought they were human :(

Cecilia Cheung.
Very fake can melt.

Princess Diana.
She looks very real wtf.

He looks very real too.

Marilyn Monroe.
Not sexy at all wtf.

Love love love him.


Why do I look so round wtf!!!

Joey Yung.
Another very fake can melt.

Then, we headed back to the hotel and went down again for supper somewhere few streets away.

Coconut sai mai lo.
This is fuhreaaaaaaking good!

Alright, that sums up my Day 1 and now I should Pet Society!

Day 2 coming!

Loves, V.

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