17 December 2008

Home Sweet Home

Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy God! I'm finally back woohoo. No, HK isn't fun at all not even the shopping gawwwd. Despite the far away distance, I manage to bump into a few familiar faces LOL. Pn Rozita, my accounts teacher, Huixian, Uncle Chuah and a junior hahahahaha. Why is everyone in HK anyway! I would prefer Macau than HK, DUH.

Will blog about it soon. As for now, I'm trying to think of new ideas for the new layout and new url for the new year! So be ready to trouble yourself in the change of link ;P

Btw, thankiu KIKILALA for keeping my blog alive when I was away. THANKIUUUUUU PENG YOU ;D. I did not meet Bosco instead I met this dude who acted in few movies before but I don't know his name at all in Stanley Market wtv.

Till the next post ;)

Loves, V.

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