30 December 2008


I'm in Paps office now. Thankiu Viwawa for the awesome company through the hours and I'm still not bored of it yet. Its not a game for lamers, d'oohh.

My friends cancelled on me! I swear I was muthafcking pissed that I can goble GP down the tummyy.. Its NYE goodness how cheap do you expect it to be dei? You want cheap? Free? Then sing your lungs out in the toilet while you bath. But come to think of it again, paying RM42 for 3 hours + 2 drinks excluding the junks, service charge and 5% tax.. its quite unworthy.

I think we would just stick to dinner, movies, you spray me i spray you, fireworks, get lost and finally home. No I don't like the plan but I don't have better plans and I dislike staying home what more its home alone.

Maxis, I love you ;) despite I still need to wait 2 days from DiGi but whatever! I'm sure you're gonna give me much better service than DiGi. Please don't go bonkers luvluv.

It's 14 days away.


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